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You know I love my lists!

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I finished tying and binding #17 on the list tonight (photo tomorrow)! Now I have a few days until Keith brings me the brown crochet cotton I ordered before I left home. Who knew brown would be such a hard color to find?! I looked at both Joann’s and Michaels at home and Bev checked Joann’s and Walmart here in Maine and neither of us found any brown. Thank goodness for Amazon.


My knitting has taken a backseat while I worked my way through these quilts so I’m looking forward to getting back to work on my Hitchhiker the next few evenings.

Genealogy update: I switched families after hitting the roadblock with the Clark’s and was able to trace back an addition 4 generations on his Milliken line finding both the immigrant ancestor (Scottish) and the ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War!!

2 more finished

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This Pineapple Blossom was pieced by Carol I think.


I probably shouldn’t have favorites but I do … I love working with our HeartStrings quilts and this one of Jackie’s is my favorite of the batch. It makes me anxious to finish my Black/White/Pink top when I get home.


I’m lucky that I don’t really have any chores this month other than caring for Chesty but I do need some clean clothes and Keith isn’t here to do the laundry so I’m at the laundromat. My reward will be a lobster roll for lunch!


Yes, another finish

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I seem to be averaging one per day now … And I will be finished early which is good since I’ve been neglecting my knitting.

This top was pieced by a group in CA.


I’ve already finished the next one but will wait until I have better light tomorrow to snap a photo I’m also working on another binding so I may have 2 to show tomorrow.

Today was football Sunday … Not a good day for Viking fans.



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Last night’s finish was from blocks pieced by Helen and assembled by Sue. I like the lighter blue centers and the pops of orange in this one. Another is already in progress.


I’ve hit a snag with my research, trying to connect one generation to the next. I’ve found a book that might have the answers but there aren’t many copies…one in Augusta at the Maine State library and one in Boston. I’m debating whether a run up to Augusta is possible and worthwhile. I have to think about how I’d manage it with Chesty. Seems a waste to go up only long enough to check on this one book but I’d need to stay overnight if I do a day of research. Too bad Keith’s not around to help.


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Yesterday’s two finishes are this small quilt pieced by Carol. I think it’s Bonnie Hunter’s String X pattern or something similar.


And this one was pieced by Darlene I think.


These two make 9 finished. I have either 18 or 19 here so I’m half done which is good since I’m off to the library again today. I’ve one one binding in progress and one set up on the table for tying that’s going to have to come off for me to make some repairs before continuing. While string quilts can be wonky, care still needs to be taken in the construction of the quilt so they’ll hold up to use and laundering. I always encourage HeartStrings quilters to check over their blocks and seams to make sure everything is intact.

I love this library

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One of my priorities this month is genealogy research at the Maine Historical Society’s Brown Library. Keith’s dad was from Portland and his grandmother’s family goes back generations in Maine.


Since I’d been here last, I’d tracked down his grandfather’s death certificate. Not an easy task but I tracked his death to Rhode Island. My goal for this trip was to see if I could find an obituary in the local paper hoping to find out where he was buried as that information wasn’t on the death certificate. I found the obituary yesterday but no burial location is mentioned so it’s still a mystery.


Today I focused on the Clark’s, Keith’s great, great grandparents and found an obituary for his great great grandfather…. which gave me the town he was born in and the names of two of his brothers ….which led me to his birth record …. which confirmed his parent’s names for me …..AND led to his parents marriage record. It was a good day!


While so much information is available online these days some information is still only available at a local level whether a historical society, local library, or courthouse. Having the opportunity to do research in Maine has been very, very helpful.



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I feel like I’m still at a sew in with the finished quilts by Sharon yesterday, this one by Mary in Maine…


….And this one by Jackie. I don’t know the name of this pattern but it’s Jelly Roll or 2.5 inch strip friendly. If I was going to make it I’d use Thangles for the pinwheels so I could use the same size strips for everything.



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Both of these were pieced by Sharon and while she usually does HeartStrings quilts with planned layouts, she’s always telling us she does scrappy ones too!



It’s been rainy today so I’ve been inside working … I’ve got another top on the tying table and a binding in progress.

Making do

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Keith went home today and I set up the sewing machine to get some binding done. It’s not ideal but there no chair that’s table height so I’m using the counter. Luckily my sewing machine has an start/stop button so I don’t need the foot pedal to sew.


I’m done for the night and am going to read a while. I’ll end with my counts that I’ll be adding to all month. The bound number will end up higher than the tied (assuming I get through everything I plan) since I bought quilts from home to bind and donate here.

Tied – 5
Bound – 4