Two Rail Fence

I love these little two Rail Fence Quilts. I’ve made three of them over the years and am thinking I will be making another one before too long.

I’ve got several quilts in mind that call for 2.5 inch strips so I’m thinking I should cut a bunch of strips and then start making quilts. Maybe that can be my theme next year.

I wonder how many quilts from 2.5 inch strips I can piece in 2014?

Here’s one that Brenda shared inspired by my blue/green Two Rail Fence. The link above takes you to my instructions.


10 thoughts on “Two Rail Fence

  1. Susan D.

    Love this one– guess it’s the colors. I call it ‘controlled scrappy’. I would LOVE to see you do a series of quilts done with 2 1/2″ strips. Such a great idea. Please.

  2. Nancy

    How have I missed this pattern? Thanks for the link.

    I have a lot of 2.5 inch strips left over from QOV that will work nicely with this pattern.

  3. Penny G

    Love the colors. Now the burning question – how many quilts can …. a whole heck of a lot. With all your other obligations I will guess at least 10.

  4. Evelyn

    Oh – so pretty! This is my style of scrap quilt – pick a color scheme and stick to it! I need to make one of these just as soon as I get back to the US so I can raid my scrap bins! While in Austria – I tend to knit more than anything else. Cheers! Evelyn/Starfishy

  5. Sandy

    Mary, Thanks for the link to the instructions. Your quilts are beautiful. I am so sorry to here about Chesty, hope you get good news. Sandy in AL

  6. Joanie

    Oh Mary- I am looking forward to this ! I love 2.5 inch strips and 2.5 inch charm squares. I am following the link to your pattern right now : )

  7. Deb

    Very pretty and fun quilt ;-). I had saved a similar free pattern that gives directions for using charm packs. I’ll share it with you once I find the link.

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