On today’s agenda

I do plan to at least load a top on the longarm today but first I’m relieving Keith so he can take a break and run some errands. He’s been taking the night shift with our patient.

Poor Chesty can’t lie down without a lot of discomfort so it’s been a challenge getting him to rest. He just sits and whimpers. We’ve gotten creative in propping him up but unfortunately that means he’s usually lying on me which limits what I can do while he’s resting.


10 thoughts on “On today’s agenda

  1. kate

    oh dear, poor baby. Have you told your vet how much discomfort he is having? Perhaps he needs a stronger pain med… hoping he feels better soon.

  2. Mary Jo

    So sad to see your sweet puppy still in pain. And how are YOU doing? I see that you are still in that pretty boot you get to wear while you heal!

  3. Nancy

    It breaks my heart to see Chesty like this. Bless you and Keith for finding ways so Chesty can get some rest.

    (I have the same pillow – it came with my recliner)

  4. Nancy

    I am sorry that Chesty is still in pain. But he is just helping you to rest your ankle. I hope you are all better soon.

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