Swirly curls and feathers

One of the things I find most challenging with custom quilting is putting a bunch of designs together in a way that looks fairly cohesive. Since I had the swirly curls in small green border and wonky feathers ( which has a curl in it too) In the large border I decided to quilt curls in the green triangle pieces that frame the Lily blocks.


Some simple continuous curves in the flying geese – not something I do often and it kind of shows but again, it’s adequate.


Assuming Chesty allows it, I’ll quilt some more later today. Keith is headed to FL to visit his Mom so I’m on invalid duty alone. I have a HeartStrings sew along planned for the 4 day holiday weekend so I want to make more progress today and tomorrow on this top and while I rarely cook for myself, I do have plans for a mini holiday meal … A turkey breast, some dressing, and a broccoli casserole.

6 thoughts on “Swirly curls and feathers

  1. SaraF

    It is no fun to spend a holiday alone, even with the company of a loving dog. Enjoy the holiday weekend sewing and giving Chesty lots of TLC.

  2. kate

    I know you will miss your people friends, but I’m so glad you don’t have to leave Chesty right now – that would be unbearable. Once I had to leave a sick kitty for a vacation trip – took her to the boarding kennel, then went back the next day, sprung her, and took her with me on vacation, had a fabulous time traveling with her… So glad you can stay with him just now.

  3. Denise Porter

    So excited today, Mary. Went to the local quilting club for the first time EVER and they helped me cut fabric for two of your Quick Strippies. Wanting to give them to an 8 and 9 yr old set of brothers for Christmas that I babysit. They don’t have a Mum and so those kind of homespun things mean a lot. So got first one about half sewed ….. using extra colours – so the accent strips are two colours (red on top of focus fabric and yellow below) and then the other strips are alternating purple or blus and focus fabric is black background with printed semis on it in the red, blue, purple and yellow color scheme. If I can find my camera (I’ve misplaced it) I will take a pic of the finished/in progress project. Thanks for the inspiration and the easy pattern that looks hard!!! Denise in Canada (Been reading here for a year or so but this is the first I have actually DONE it!!!)

  4. Bonita B

    Hoping your Chesty feels better soon. Don’t do too much tomorrow. Maybe reading, listening to an audio book, or knitting. Enjoy your blog so much

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