This and that…

A more comfortable day for Chesty. Thank you all for your comments, emails, and prayers.

A follow up appointment on my ankle today. I was disappointed that I’ll be wearing this Air Cast until Christmas but there is a little good news… After two more weeks I can slowly decrease the amount of time I wear it for the following two weeks.

I finally pulled out the knitting needles again and did a little more quilting on Mom’s quilt.

HeartStrings is having a sew along starting tomorrow and going through the weekend. I’m hoping to finish my 365 challenge and bind my November UFO if Chesty cooperates!

10 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. Nancy

    Pleased to hear that Chesty is resting more and that you have been able to quilt and knit a bit. Good news about your ankle, too.

    Have a peaceful holiday.

  2. Sandra Kerrod

    Hi, good to hear both you and Chesty are making some progress. I know that you in America celebrate Thanksgiving today, so have good day. I wish we had a holiday like that in England. Take care

  3. Sherrill

    So glad to hear you’re both a little better anyways. I’d be so lonely to be by myself on Thanksgiving but I know Chesty needed you there. Glad you made yourself a Thanksgiving dinner. Hope Chesty continues to heal and that Keith will be home soon!!

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