I don’t like blocking

This little shawl has been finished for over a month and I’ve been procrastinating on the blocking. Since I need it next week for a gift I decided to get it done today.

The pattern is called Calla Shawl and it uses a skein of fingering yarn.


This was my first knit with beads and I love it. I have 2-3 other beading projects waiting but my knitting is usually my travel project and I don’t want to try to beading on the go.


9 thoughts on “I don’t like blocking

  1. Nancy

    I don’t like to block my knits either; perhaps, I need to invest in some blocking wires. Do you like yours? What kind did you purchase (flexible or rigid)?

  2. Grace

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Will you make another one for yourself now that you see the finished product?

  3. SaraF

    It’s gorgeous – lucky recipient. The beading is so subtle but just gives it a little extra sparkle.

  4. Deborah Levy

    Really pretty! I like knitting with beads too…but I would agree it would be a tough travel project.

    I hate blocking too…knitting or quilts, but it’s sure does make a difference in the way they both look.

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