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On today’s agenda

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I do plan to at least load a top on the longarm today but first I’m relieving Keith so he can take a break and run some errands. He’s been taking the night shift with our patient.

Poor Chesty can’t lie down without a lot of discomfort so it’s been a challenge getting him to rest. He just sits and whimpers. We’ve gotten creative in propping him up but unfortunately that means he’s usually lying on me which limits what I can do while he’s resting.


No quilting

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I really thought I’d be able to load and start quilting a top of my Mom’s today but it was another bad day for Chesty. He is so miserable and just wants me nearby — I think the only sleep he got today was the couple hours he slept in my arms.


Keith’s here this weekend and the plan is slip away and quilt some, we’ll see if it actually happens.

Today’s task

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Other than nursing Chesty I didn’t accomplish much today. Our bookshelves were delivered last night so I did get the shelves set up and then got all the books out of the tubs in the kitchen and back on the shelves.

I’ve always wanted a house with a library but I think this little library nook is the closest I’m going to get. I snapped a photo earlier today while I was still working but it’s too dark now to get a good one. You can’t tell from this photo but the bottom two shelves are behind cabinet doors which I really like.


Chest continues to be pretty uncomfortable but he is moving around more and is eating a little. Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. We should know next week what the pathology shows.

I feel so bad for him

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Chesty had a lump on his upper abdomen and I took him in yesterday to have it evaluated. They found suspicious cells when they did a needle aspiration so we were back this morning to have it removed and sent for pathology. It’s a large incision and he’s in pain even with meds.

At this point he can’t tolerate being picked up and moved. We used the blanket as a sling to move him into the crate and then Keith carried the crate in the house. We finally got him in and settled by the fire where it’s warm (but not too warm) and he’s sleeping right now. It’s going to be a bad week – I can just tell.


I don’t know what we’re going to do if the pathology report shows a malignancy.

Two Rail Fence

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I love these little two Rail Fence Quilts. I’ve made three of them over the years and am thinking I will be making another one before too long.

I’ve got several quilts in mind that call for 2.5 inch strips so I’m thinking I should cut a bunch of strips and then start making quilts. Maybe that can be my theme next year.

I wonder how many quilts from 2.5 inch strips I can piece in 2014?

Here’s one that Brenda shared inspired by my blue/green Two Rail Fence. The link above takes you to my instructions.


A small start

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I’ve been telling everyone that while the decluttering efforts have been going well, I saved the worse for last … my sewing room … and that’s going to be an ongoing project.

I finally got up there today and made a start.
Fabric from the Black and White HeartStrings project we just finished was put away
Fabric was pulled for backings. I got 12 yards and 5 tops out of the sewing room. Three were for strippies that fit on a single width of fabric so there was no piecing those.
I took the Brother sewing machine in for service and pulled all the accessories and manual. It will go to Mom when it’s back from the dealer.
A shelf of backing fabrics was straightened.

Still lots to do but I have made a start. It felt good to turn on the sewing machine even it it was just to piece a couple backs.



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I’m kind of surprised I was able to finish the quilting on my half square triangle top tonight but my foot didn’t bother me too much other than some balance issues … leading to an occasional unintentional wobble in my stitching.

I used the pantograph Leap Frog by Norma Sharp


I was able to line the pantograph up so the design was fairly centered on the side borders.


Chesty even came downstairs to keep me company.