One quilty thing

The kids left this morning and I volunteered at the library this afternoon but I did get one quilty thing done this evening…. I trimmed my November UFO and got it ready for binding tomorrow. Most of the time I crawl around on the floor to trim quilts and with the fractured ankle and aircast it would have been a bit of a challenge so I decided to wait until I was out of it. My ankle still feels a bit fragile and I’m being careful walking around in the snow and ice but I’m very happy to be out of the cast.


My goals for the end of the year … Bind two, quilt two. Keith is off through New Year’s Day so I’ll work around spending time with him but I should be able to find time to get these done.

5 thoughts on “One quilty thing

  1. SaraF

    Glad to hear that you are out of that aircast. I’m sure it feels good to be free of it.

    Hope your family time was wonderful, although I know it must have gone by too fast. Our kids and grandkids arrive tomorrow for a short weekend. But it will be so good to see the kids.

  2. Ann

    The quilt is lovely. Another great accomplishment! Been there, done that with the aircast so I can appreciate how happy you are to be rid of it. Time flies when we’re having fun ~ glad you were able to spend some with family! Rae is just adorable! Wishing both you and Keith a very happy, healthy 2014! Thank you for sharing so freely!

  3. Evelyn Starfishy

    I always love that scrap pattern! Glad that you had a nice Christmas with your family, but I also always enjoy getting back to my own routines again! I badly sprained my ankle in October and still feel it after a busy day. Keep putting it up even if you are out of the aircast. Cheers! Evelyn

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