On my hook

Still working on this little crochet afghan. The body is simple but a border and some added flowers will dress it up a bit.


By the way, see my PJ’s in the photo? I stayed in them all day. How great is it to have a work day at home in my pajama’s?!

5 thoughts on “On my hook

  1. Nancy Brodeur

    That afghan is very pretty. The color sets off that pretty pink perfectly. I, too love to stay in my pjs. It is a real treat.

  2. Nancy Brodeur

    Well gosh I guess I should shut off the light and go to sleep. I meant that pattern sets off the pretty pink. Goodnight.

  3. Anne O'Connor

    Love pyjama days! Sometimes very productive too! Not today though Kalgoorlie Western Australia is about 40 degrees centigrade (over the 100 F) so we are in summer clothing with air con in caravan going full blast. Mind you home in Canberra it might not be much less than this! Loving your blog
    Regards and best wishes for 2014

  4. Sandra K

    I love a day in my jim jams (pjs). It feels like your being a naughty! That doesn’t happen much when your 50!!
    You’ve inspired me to have a go at knitting socks, so get ready for lots of questions.

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