Working on UFO’s

I try to complete 12 UFO’s each year and since I’m coming down to the last few days of 2013 with 2 left to complete, that’s my focus for the next 2-3 days.

One is halfway bound and the second is loaded on the longarm and I’ve started the quilting.


10 thoughts on “Working on UFO’s

  1. Ann

    Always feels good to get UFO’s completed. Love the quilting design you chose for this colorful top and admire your quilting!

  2. Marillyn Smith

    Mollie, you will make this goal! This is such a bright, colorful quilt and I love it. Love the panto too!

    I just ripped out 3 rows of 12 inch blocks and sashing on a beautiful top. I had sewn two bof the same blocks and put them together. I always lay everything before I assemble to make sure this does not happen. But, I must have reversed it when I pinned them to stitch. I already have 2 borders attached to it so I may even have to do more. I made the top about 2 years ago for our guest room. Then my DIL wanted it. Now they don’t as they got a king sized bed. Was I ever a happy camper because I just love this top. But, it has to be right.

    So, I am going to make sure it is perfect!

  3. Mary C in WA

    I only had 6 real finishes this year. I didn’t get what I wanted under my tree so I could have more finished in 2o14. Good for you to meet your personal goal. Have a Happy New Year!

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