16 thoughts on “Keith’s “I hate Ikea” face

  1. Linda H

    We don’t have one near us … but I do love that store when I can go to one! My Roger has that face whenever I take him into ANY store … not a shopper. Usually waits in the car for me but that makes me crazy because I can “mentally” hear his foot “tapping” while he waits for me … so I shop on my own most of the time. LOL

  2. Beth in AZ

    OH! I love it! Pat just wont’ go…so I take a trip there every couple of months- ALONE!. I think if he DID go, less items would follow me home! lolol

  3. Deb Praus

    Looks just like John’s face when we are there. He just kinda zones out on me. It’s hard to look and keep track of him because he is not in the least interested at looking at anything! lol Buy something fun….

  4. Anne

    I’m totally with Keith on this one! While I don’t mind their stuff, I absolutely hate their shopping experience.

  5. Dianne

    That’s hilarious! Hubby and I love Ikea. I have the cubby shelves and the bins. You can usually find the fabric ones for $5.99 (much more affordable and sturdy enough for fabric and yarn).

  6. Joan

    LOL!! I love IKEA and my hubs won’t even go to the store with me. I managed to drag my boys along, and I saw that face on both of em! LOL!

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