2013 Quilting and Knitting Goals

I’ve blogged before about setting goals … Sometimes for a month, sometimes for the 2-3 weeks I have between trips but writing down my goals means I actually get things done! I know some people feel like goals are pressure they don’t need in their hobbies but a lot of others comment on how much more I get accomplished than they do … It’s the goal setting.

In spite of a very heavy travel schedule, the decluttering efforts, a fractured ankle, and Chesty’s surgery, I’m thrilled with the fact that everything on my list was accomplished even if one or two items were occasionally rolled over into the next month.

✔️Bind November’s UFO – done
✔️Knit Pine Forest Baby Blanket – done
✔️Quilt and bind December’s UFO – done 
✔️Finish string Rail Fence blocks – done
✔️Quilt MaryAnn’s top
✔️Crochet Petal Pretty Afghan – done

✔️Quilt Ann’s top – finished up 12/2
❌Quilt and bind November’s UFO – quilted not bound
✔️Finish knitting hitchhiker shawl – done
✔️Finish Ripple Afghan – done
✔️Block Ann’s shawl – done
✔️Pull and piece backs for 5 tops – done
✔️Started string rail fence blocks

✔️Bind 19 quilts – done
✔️Tie 15 tops – 16 done
❌Knit Hitchhiker shawl – in progress but not done

✔Bind 4 UFO’s – done
✔️Quilt 2 HeartStrings tops – quilted 3
✔Knit Ann’s shawl – done
✔️Tie 15 HS quilts – tied 21
✔️Piece 4 backs – done
✔️knit Painted Desert Shawl – done

Last 2 weeks of August 
✔Finish Radiance Shawl – done
✔Quilt 4 UFO’s – done
✔Make set of B/W HS blocks – done
✔Assembled HS blocks into finished top
✔Knit hat for Maureen

BC Accomplishments (6weeks)
✔Assembled brown centered HS top – done
✔Assembled string log cabin top – done
✔Assembled sashed 9 patch – done
✔Assembled sashed tumbler top – done
✔Assembled Kitty Strippie – done
✔Assembled Cow Strippie – done
✔Assembled Frog Strippie – done
✔Knit and block Brickless Shawl — done
✔Finally blocked Vortex shawl – done
✔Cast on Radiance Shawl – done
✔Progress on the Herringbone shawl 

May/June Goals
✔Finish 2 UFO’s – done 
❌Quilt 8 HeartStrings tops – 7 done
✔Bind HeartStrings – 7 done
✔Finish knitting Milk Run Shawl – done
✔Finish assembling Hourglass quilt – done
✔Finish strips&strings log cabin blocks – done
✔Make set brown center HS blocks – done
✔Cast on and finished purple TGV shawl – done
✔Cast on and finish AfterGlow shawl – done
✔Quilt MaryAnn’s top – done
✔Quilt Ashley’s top – done
✔Quilt Nancy’s top – done

April’s Goals
✔Quilt fabric for Nancy — 15 yards quilted!
✔Quilt Strippie UFO – Owls done
❌Assemble Hourglass top — progress was made but NOT done
✔Tie 12 HeartStrings tops – 18 tops tied
✔Finish knitting Vortex Shawl – done
✔Cast on Milk Run shawl – done

March goals
✔Quilt and bind one UFO — HS with mice border done
✔Quilt and bind 3 HeartStrings tops – done
✔Finish one hat- Flour Sack hat done
✔Finish knitting Birch Leaf Scarf – done
✔Make a set of String Blocks – done Brown Centers
✔Finish Hourglass blocks – done
✔Tax stuff together and to accountant — done
✔vortex shawl started
✔Four star blocks made for Bev
✔Brown centered HS blocks assembled into top 

February goals
✔ Bind 3 HeartStrings quilts – done
✔ Quilt and bind one UFO – Strips and Strings Log Cabin done
✔ Quilt Mom’s Fan’s – done
✔ Finishing knitting Purple Fisherman’s Rib Scarf – done
✔ Finish assembling Courthouse Steps top -done
✔Two hats started and finished
✔Sweatshirt top made for Emma

January goals
✔ Quilt 2 HS – done
✔ Tie 2 HS – Tied and bound 4
✔ Bind 2 HS – done (total 6 bound)
✔ Assemble 2 two tops – done
✔ Quilt and bind one UFO -Tumbler quilt done
Completed in addition to the list 
✔Finished knitting the blue striped socks
✔Knit two hats

6 thoughts on “2013 Quilting and Knitting Goals

  1. Lynne

    I have found that writing lists has helped me focus a lot more too! You’ve had a productive year, all the best for 2015.

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