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Crochet afghan

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I had some questions about the afghan I’m crocheting. It’s from the book called Candy Blankets (all crochet) and the pattern is called Petal Pretty. I’m teaching my sister to crochet and this is the pattern she chose. Since it was also on my to do list I decided to make it too. The body of the afghan is half double crochet and I’m using two shades of pink for my afghan rather than white and pink like the one shown in the book.


One quilty thing

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The kids left this morning and I volunteered at the library this afternoon but I did get one quilty thing done this evening…. I trimmed my November UFO and got it ready for binding tomorrow. Most of the time I crawl around on the floor to trim quilts and with the fractured ankle and aircast it would have been a bit of a challenge so I decided to wait until I was out of it. My ankle still feels a bit fragile and I’m being careful walking around in the snow and ice but I’m very happy to be out of the cast.


My goals for the end of the year … Bind two, quilt two. Keith is off through New Year’s Day so I’ll work around spending time with him but I should be able to find time to get these done.

I’m the photographer in the family

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I’m the one who takes most of the photos in the family but today while we were waiting for Chris and Becky I passed the camera to Keith and asked him to snap one of me with Rae … 10 photos later and with me taking the camera from him twice to “show” him he finally got one decent one … Of course my favorite was the ONE I snapped of him.