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Another HeartStrings top brought home from the last WI/MN sew-in. Quilted with allover freehand swirls which to be honest are a little wonky. It’s been a while since I did allover swirls since Dwirling is so much faster to quilt but it will do. The nice thing about HeartStrings tops is that they are so busy a little wonkiness in the quilting doesn’t really show.


This is #4 of 9 to be quilted before the end of February … Still a lot more quilting to be done.


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I didn’t intend to quilt the same thing today as I quilted yesterday but I was curious … On the quilt yesterday, I quilted a wavy line and then quilted blobs (or ribbon candy?) on either side of the wavy line … Today I decided I’d quilt two wavy lines and then quilt the blobs in between the lines. As you can see in the drawing, it’s a subtle difference and I was wondering which I’d like better.


So here’s today quilt #3 of 9… Another HeartStrings I brought home from the last WI/MN sew-in.


I’m still not sure which one I like better but when I was trimming the quilt … I noticed that I liked the look of the texture vertically too so I could always load one lengthwise.


Again, this is just a more linear version of the Fern Ziggle pattern from the Pajama Quilter DVD. Since I have only 12 inches of space sometimes a linear design is easier than an allover where I have to roll the quilt forward and back more often.

I was bad …

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I’m doing a Knit Along using this Wolle’s cotton yarn and after seeing all the pretty shawls made from it, I ordered more.


If this link works right you can see a bunch of photos of projects made from this yarn.

Here’s the start of my first project with it – I’ve just gotten to the point there’s a hint of the second color.


The lighting makes the light blue look a little grey but here’s the skein and beads I’m using.


And here’s the shawl I’m making

Here’s another link to the shawl Citron made with this yarn … This ones been in my queue for a while and I’ll definitely use one of the skeins for this one.

Framed 9 patches

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Dee mentioned doing a QOV with these blocks and while my fabric looks a little purple in my photo, it is really blue and this one is intended as a quilt for a wounded soldier or veteran.

Here was my original drawing I’d shared when I first found this quilt on eBay.


And this is where I’m planning to go with mine … Using different blues and reds of course.


Strips are cut 2.5 inches, blocks finish at 10.5 inches with seam allowances, quilt set 6×8 blocks will finish at 60×80.

I couldn’t resist

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This is just the type of quilt I like, big easy blocks! It’s another in my 2.5 inch strip challenge and it’s based on an antique quilt I saw on eBay. I get the best ideas there. I also seem to be finally using up some of the fat quarter sets I’ve been collecting. This is the third one in a row that has used them. I had to make myself stop piecing and go downstairs to load another HeartStrings quilt or I would have spent all afternoon up here making these blocks.



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I finished up the blocks for this little pinwheels and rails quilt today. I won’t put a border on it and I’ll save the blocks to assemble when I spend some time in Big Canoe later this year. I’m planning on another 6-7 weeks down there and this is the 3rd set of blocks I’m putting aside to assemble there … I love having a reason to procrastinate.


This was another quilt pieced from 2.5 inch strips. Even the pinwheels!


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Other than family, HeartStrings has been my major focus for the last 7 years. As I quilted this top today and as we begin our 8th year, I though about how my attitudes have changed. There will always be more need for quilts than can be met and there were years that I felt overwhelmed by the task of meeting as many of those needs as I could but a couple years ago, on the edge of burning out, I took a small step back. I stopped accepting non HeartStrings tops to quilt and donate and I allowed myself more time for my own quilting. In spite of that last year I quilted, tied, and donated more quilts than ever yet I felt less stressed about it. It just happened to work out that way.

Here’s the HeartStrings top quilted today – it’s one I brought home to finish from the last WI/MN sew-in. Quilted with my more linear variation of the Pajama Quilter’s Fern Ziggle. This is #2 of 9 HeartStrings donation tops that are on my list to be quilted by the end of February. A very doable goal even with the amount of travel planned.


A little closer …


Before I left for GA, I sent out one of my donation quilts to someone in need, a complete stranger. Most of the time I never know where my quilts end up but I had a lovely thank you email – with photos of the recipient – that showed me once again how much a quilt can comfort someone going through difficult times.

My life is full right now with family, travel, other volunteer opportunities, and my obsession with knitting to the point that sometimes quilting takes a back seat both in my life and here on the blog. I’m OK with that but don’t worry, I’ll continue to make and donate quilts – it’s how I personally make a difference in people’s lives.


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We got home Sunday night – I’m coming down with a cold and I didn’t feel like doing much today so I slept late and then spent most of my day knitting. All I have left is the picot bind off on this scarf. Not the best photo but it will do for tonight.


No change on the condo … Too many phone calls and emails without results. Insurance issues continue, the drying and tear out continue.