On my needles

I’m getting ready to head out of town and I need some simple knitting. I wanted to start a new project but I have one I’m going to start when I get home and I still have to finish the beaded red scarf so I pulled out the herringbone shawl UFO. I love knitting this so I’m not sure why I set it aside but it’s the project I’ll work on until I leave and while I’m gone. This one is eventually destined for donation.


And yes, I finished my binding first!

3 thoughts on “On my needles

  1. Sara

    Lovely knitting. Have a safe trip and hope dealing with insurance and contractors is not too awful. Look at it this ways–you can get all new stuff in the condo. Ok, so that was a lame attempt, but, really, I do wish you well on this unplanned trip

  2. Ann

    Beautiful texture on this shawl. Thoughts will be with you traveling and dealing with the issues you face.

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