One of the main reasons I cruise blogs is for inspiration. I’m terrible about commenting and while it’s tempting to blame it entirely on the switch to using Feedly on the iPad, the truth is I could comment more but it would take more time that I usually commit to blog reading.

Tonight I saw two examples of quilting that inspire me. Terri is just an amazing long arm quilter and I’m constantly saving screenshots of her beautiful work. I just love this small border quilting.


Helen quilts on her domestic machine and I have watched her challenge and stretch herself over the last several years and I love seeing her results.


4 thoughts on “Quilting

  1. Helen in the UK

    After your comment I realised I hadn’t visited you in a while and what should I find when I popped over … but a picture of my hexagon quilting!! It’s lovely that you found it inspiring. I had to pop over to Terri’s site too and check out her wonderful quilting. As you say, it’s always great to get inspiration from other quilters. Thanks 🙂

  2. Terri Watson

    Thanks, Mary! I enjoyed doing that little design and didn’t even realize until I took pictures of it that it kind of looks like a splash of water. Now, I need to go visit Helen’s site…I am so impressed by people who can quilt on their domestic machines so very well.


  3. Ann

    And how fun to get comments from both the quilters whose work you were admiring. I, too, am amazed at some of the beautiful work done on domestic machines. Awe inspiring certainly. Have to check out these sites.

  4. Lynne

    Wow! Both amazing examples of great quilting. Thanks for sharing.
    Have you seen the work done by Kay at Borderline Quilts? She’s a prize winning quilter — it’s hard to believe she’s been quilting for such a short time

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