Constant motion

I’m in Georgia — the condo is a mess and I don’t even want to talk about it but I’ve had two evenings with Rae…she is constant motion and every photo I’ve tried to snap has been blurred. Such a sweetie! I’ll see her again on Saturday and I can’t wait.


9 thoughts on “Constant motion

  1. Ann in Virginia

    Perhaps if you try the “sports” setting on your camera, you might be able to catch that fast moving child!

  2. Penny G

    Such a sweet reminder that there is always sunshine on the cloudiest of days, even if we can’t see it.

  3. Kay

    Sending hugs and prayers for a good outcome on the condo. Every time you start getting uptight about the condo just think of about Rae-Rae. The condo is really just a bump in the road in the overall scheme of things.

  4. Cyndi Holguin

    Hugs and Prayers. and Lots of Love from Rae I am sure. Praying all will get better for you soon.

  5. Sara

    Don’t you just love the constant motion of the wee ones? We kept the twins (2 years old) for a week this summer…….and we had to take naps with them each day as they totally wore us out. But, it was the best week ever!
    Hang in there with the condo

  6. Mary Jo

    As long as you get to spend time with your “Rae” of sunshine you can deal with the condo mess. Just think of how much fun you will have getting to pick out new things to “spruce up” the condo!

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