Framed 9 patches

Dee mentioned doing a QOV with these blocks and while my fabric looks a little purple in my photo, it is really blue and this one is intended as a quilt for a wounded soldier or veteran.

Here was my original drawing I’d shared when I first found this quilt on eBay.


And this is where I’m planning to go with mine … Using different blues and reds of course.


Strips are cut 2.5 inches, blocks finish at 10.5 inches with seam allowances, quilt set 6×8 blocks will finish at 60×80.

5 thoughts on “Framed 9 patches

  1. Donna

    Thank you so much for all of the time and effort (not to mention the money) you put into these QOV quilts. God bless you! AND, thank you also for sharing so many of your wonderful patterns with us. Your quilts turn out beautifully and really inspire me with a “next” project! Again, thank you!

  2. Pat

    Wow… I’m crushing on that pop of red! It gives it such a great modern feel. I’d love to try it as a non-scrappy version. I have a couple of big pieces that would make a nice Quilt of Valor. It would go together quicky when you’re just in the mood a fast project.. especiall using my Accucut.

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