I was bad …

I’m doing a Knit Along using this Wolle’s cotton yarn and after seeing all the pretty shawls made from it, I ordered more.


If this link works right you can see a bunch of photos of projects made from this yarn.

Here’s the start of my first project with it – I’ve just gotten to the point there’s a hint of the second color.


The lighting makes the light blue look a little grey but here’s the skein and beads I’m using.


And here’s the shawl I’m making

Here’s another link to the shawl Citron made with this yarn … This ones been in my queue for a while and I’ll definitely use one of the skeins for this one.

5 thoughts on “I was bad …

  1. Gina

    That is going to be great! Cotton makes my hands hurt. I don’t know why. But every time I see one of your beading
    projects, I think I should give it a try.

  2. Penny G

    Sometimes being bad is so much fun, but anytime you end up making beautiful stuff it can’t be bad.

  3. Sara

    Do you remember when the Borg used to say “resistance is futile?” That is how I feel whenever I am so tempted by yarn or fabric or books or gourmet foods or plant seeds or whatever else I might “need.” I can hear the Borg queen in the background speaking now…….”resistance is futile……”

  4. Kim Q

    I’ve never seen such gorgeous cotton! Who did you order it from? Inquiring minds NEED to know! 😉

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