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I love knitting with this yarn and it’s reasonably priced too – Berocco Vintage. I’m making good progress on this UFO – a Herringbone Shawl.


One of my groups on Ravelry is doing a knit along using Wolle’s yarn. I bought two skeins and beads but today I had to buy some more. Reading about everyone’s projects made me want some more of this yarn for future projects.

I’ve pretty much decided I’ll use this purple/blue yarn for my knit along project.


On my needles

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I’m getting ready to head out of town and I need some simple knitting. I wanted to start a new project but I have one I’m going to start when I get home and I still have to finish the beaded red scarf so I pulled out the herringbone shawl UFO. I love knitting this so I’m not sure why I set it aside but it’s the project I’ll work on until I leave and while I’m gone. This one is eventually destined for donation.


And yes, I finished my binding first!


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One of the main reasons I cruise blogs is for inspiration. I’m terrible about commenting and while it’s tempting to blame it entirely on the switch to using Feedly on the iPad, the truth is I could comment more but it would take more time that I usually commit to blog reading.

Tonight I saw two examples of quilting that inspire me. Terri is just an amazing long arm quilter and I’m constantly saving screenshots of her beautiful work. I just love this small border quilting.


Helen quilts on her domestic machine and I have watched her challenge and stretch herself over the last several years and I love seeing her results.


Plugging along

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Dealing with the insurance issues and waiting on an update about the drying/ripping out process at the condo.

Finishing the quilting and shipping my Aunt’s quilt back to her.

Knitting some on my beaded scarf.

Taking care of a dog with diarrhea and vomiting (he’s better now).

Looking forward to seeing Rae in 3 days.

Planning the next knitting project.

Top of the stairs

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Do you have a design wall? Mine is outside my sewing room at the top of the landing because I don’t have room for it IN the sewing room ….and that’s a good thing.

I see my current project every time I go up and down the stairs. I move a block here, move a block there almost without thinking about it each time I go up and down until it seems just right. I still have a ways to go on this little one.


So far behind ….

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I don’t usually receive so many comments and emails that I can’t acknowledge them all if only with brief thanks but I’m pretty far behind right now. I hope to be caught up soon.

In the meantime, I was trying to catch up with some blogs … And this post caught my eye. In my knitting and quilting somehow it’s always the next project that is the one that fires my imagination.