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I figured it out!

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One of today’s tasks was to charge my small Nikon camera for my trip. I’d bought a new one a couple months ago because the screen on the old one had broken. After spending hours trying to set up the WiFi feature I’d set it aside and hadn’t picked it back up … My phone takes pretty good photos so I get lazy sometimes and don’t carry another camera with me but on this trip I really want a “real” camera.


While I was getting it ready, I decided to do one more quick search to see if I could figure out the WiFi feature … And I did. It was very easy to set up but I was completely confused about how to go about it. I was trying to input my WiFi network in the camera but you use the iPhone or iPad WiFi and choose Nikon from the list of networks available.

I took a couple test photos and transferred them. The first of my favorite model …..


The second photo is of all the snow coming down outside. They’re calling for up to 12 inches between now and tomorrow morning. I know a lot of you hate snow but I’m so glad this storm is coming through while I’m home. I hate to miss big snow storms when I’m traveling. It should end in plenty of time for them to plow so Keith can get me to the airport on Saturday morning!



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I’m going to bore you the next couple weeks I’m afraid. I just got home from VA last night where I didn’t do much much other than a little knitting and crochet while I was visiting with my family.

I have just a few days before heading to Costa Rica with Habitat. Keith will be staying home with Chesty (and working of course, someone has to!).

Today I checked out our new Dunn Brothers. They moved just down the street and I have a view out the window of one of the bridges over the train tracks.


Lots of snow piled up everywhere still … Unlike VA where they got an inch or two and it melted in the rain an hour later.


Heading to the library now for my volunteer shift.

It was one of those days …

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I had hoped to get a glamorous shot of the new shawl but I was running around packing, doing errands, rebooking flights … Yes, my flights were canceled … Twice! Keith finally got me booked though NY to VA since it was apparent that nothing was going to fly though Atlanta tomorrow.

I did unpin the shawl and toss it around one of my favorite shirts. I have it draped shawl like in the photo but this one can also be scrunched up around the neck and worn as a scarf.


I’m hoping my sisters will be able to get to mom’s this weekend. They’re both driving and there may be too much snow.


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Yep, the last one is done. This is 9 of 9 donation tops here at the beginning of 2014 and now all are quilted. This one was also assembled at the WI/MN sew-in. Quilted with clamshells using my Circle Lord board.


Binding will wait until March after I get back from my next two trips.

Off my needles

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Can you believe I spent 6+ hours last night binding off this shawl? It’s blocking now and you’ll see it again once I’m able to get a glamour shot but can you believe that I can make something this beautiful? I can’t!


I love the sparkle from the beads.


The Wolle’s CCC yarn (color changing cotton) was a little fussy to work with, 4 strands that aren’t twisted together, but worth the effort. I’ve got 5 other skeins that will eventually become shawls.

This shawl by the way is wider than the other one skein ones I’ve done other than the Calla Shawl and even preblocking, wrapped around my shoulders or neck easily and stayed in place well.