Off my needles

Can you believe I spent 6+ hours last night binding off this shawl? It’s blocking now and you’ll see it again once I’m able to get a glamour shot but can you believe that I can make something this beautiful? I can’t!


I love the sparkle from the beads.


The Wolle’s CCC yarn (color changing cotton) was a little fussy to work with, 4 strands that aren’t twisted together, but worth the effort. I’ve got 5 other skeins that will eventually become shawls.

This shawl by the way is wider than the other one skein ones I’ve done other than the Calla Shawl and even preblocking, wrapped around my shoulders or neck easily and stayed in place well.

20 thoughts on “Off my needles

  1. Peggy

    Yes I do believe you can make somethng that beautiful and you did.
    That is lovely. Color, beads, the whole thing.

  2. Denise Porter

    Is this the one you had to rip back to the beginning and start over? Worth the effort, if it was!

  3. Ann

    You are capable of anything you put your mind to, Mollie, and you always do such a beautiful job! Absolutely stunning!!

  4. anne marie

    Just beautiful, well worth the 6+ hours.I do hope your keeping this one. All your yarn work are pieces of art.

  5. Char

    That’s gorgeous! You are so right about the Wolle’s yarn. I started crocheting a shawl a while back and the yarn was so tedious I had to stop and work on something else. I better learn how to work with it though, I have 3 skeins of it.

  6. Linda

    Very pretty, you’ll have to model it for us. Love the beads and the yarn. My favorite colors…. GREAT JOB…..

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