It was one of those days …

I had hoped to get a glamorous shot of the new shawl but I was running around packing, doing errands, rebooking flights … Yes, my flights were canceled … Twice! Keith finally got me booked though NY to VA since it was apparent that nothing was going to fly though Atlanta tomorrow.

I did unpin the shawl and toss it around one of my favorite shirts. I have it draped shawl like in the photo but this one can also be scrunched up around the neck and worn as a scarf.


I’m hoping my sisters will be able to get to mom’s this weekend. They’re both driving and there may be too much snow.

14 thoughts on “It was one of those days …

  1. Sheree

    You’re really becoming an accomplished knitter, Mary. Very nice. Thanks for the info on Wolle. I’m not exactly sure what I think of what sounds like a potentially “splitty” yarn with knots but I love the colors. Maybe if we get together in the next few months in Cannon Falls you can bring something you made and show me? I LOVE the colorways she produces and your projects look lovely too.

  2. Ruth

    Another big snow storm here on the east coast. Don’t fly into the NYC area because we’re getting a ton of the white stuff.

    Your shawl is lovely! Enjoy wearing it.

  3. KatieQ

    I love the way it looks the blouse. It has a wonderful drape I’m glad you’ll be heading through NY before the storm hits here tonight. The forecasts on local stations is a bit contradictory with the amounts of snow, but all of them agree that it will not be travel weather.

  4. SaraF

    The shawl does look wonderful with that shirt. And the beads really show up nicely in this photo.

    My husband flew through Atlanta on Monday night, but his suitcase is still in Atlanta. Delta wouldn’t give him any idea of when he might get it. Hope your trip goes smoothly and have no more weather-related problems.

  5. Mary Jo

    Love the shawl! Hope you get to see your family. Here near Charlotte, NC it is snowing like crazy and is suppose to snow until 6:00 pm or so tomorrow.

  6. Pat

    It’s beautiful Mollie! We’ve been watching the news about the winter storms. I’m glad Keith was able to find a route for you. Safe travels.

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