More yarn?

Yes, I seem to be obsessed with knitting and that means obsessed with building up a yarn stash. I managed to purchase two skeins of each of these yesterday – Wollmeise goes so fast I’m not usually aware it’s in stock at the Loopy Ewe before it’s already sold out.


3 thoughts on “More yarn?

  1. Pam in KC

    Looking at all of this yarn has resulted in me bringing up my cone of Jaggerspun wool/silk from the basement. Many years ago I started knitting a lace shawl but set it aside when I realized 5 extra people in the house and and lace knitting didn’t go together. Needless to say I have no idea where I am in the pattern and decided not to try and figure it out. I haven’t decided if I want to use the pattern I started or find a new one…

  2. Ann

    You got lucky ~ I have yet to find it available. Yarn is much more addictive than fabric! Nice thing, though, most skeins are small and don’t require much storage space :).

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