I figured it out!

One of today’s tasks was to charge my small Nikon camera for my trip. I’d bought a new one a couple months ago because the screen on the old one had broken. After spending hours trying to set up the WiFi feature I’d set it aside and hadn’t picked it back up … My phone takes pretty good photos so I get lazy sometimes and don’t carry another camera with me but on this trip I really want a “real” camera.


While I was getting it ready, I decided to do one more quick search to see if I could figure out the WiFi feature … And I did. It was very easy to set up but I was completely confused about how to go about it. I was trying to input my WiFi network in the camera but you use the iPhone or iPad WiFi and choose Nikon from the list of networks available.

I took a couple test photos and transferred them. The first of my favorite model …..


The second photo is of all the snow coming down outside. They’re calling for up to 12 inches between now and tomorrow morning. I know a lot of you hate snow but I’m so glad this storm is coming through while I’m home. I hate to miss big snow storms when I’m traveling. It should end in plenty of time for them to plow so Keith can get me to the airport on Saturday morning!


5 thoughts on “I figured it out!

  1. Penny G

    You have encouraged me to figure out how to use the WiFi option on my camera. Love your picture os the snow, but glad I am in 70 degree temps in FL.

  2. Irene

    Thank you, thank you. I could not figure this out. Their instructions are really bad. But you got me going and it works. Love the Blog-o-sphere.!

  3. Cyndi Holguin

    I love the snow we don’t get much anymore. Just alot of wind and cold air. Yuck. This week it is warm all day and cold all night. Enjoy the snow.

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