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It wasn’t easy but I’m done. This was another HeartStrings top I brought back from the last WI/MN sew-in.


I’ve decided that the fabric was culprit here … Some thicker, stiffer fabrics, and a couple with glitter/metallic surfaces.


And another


I also know that darker colored thread is more fragile so although I tried two cones of the darker blue, I decided to go back to the lighter blue I was using on the last quilt. It had less breakage and by sewing very slow, avoiding the glittery fabrics as much as possible, and keeping the quilt very loose, I was able to finish.

Funny thing is that it’s very difficult to see the color difference in the thread on the quilt … The only place I can tell is in the two rows that are side by side and only in the dark blue center string. Can you see the difference?



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Thread breaking issues with the longarm which I almost never have. Changed the needle- twice, changed the spool of thread, rethreaded the machine, cleaned and oiled the bobbin area well, loosened the top tension, loosened the quilt in the rollers and it’s still breaking. Nothing left to do but stop for now and go back to it later.


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Back at work …

This was another problem top … Too much fullness, some seams needing repair but after quilting you’d never know. Quilted with flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD. Kind of hard to see on the front ….


So here’s a view of the back.


Surprisingly I found I wanted to quilt faster than the stitch regulator allowed so I stitched this in manual mode. Usually I only use that for background fills. My stitch length wasn’t off too bad but I could use more practice. This is #6 of 9. I should get all 9 done before I travel next week.

Shawls & Scarves

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A while back someone asked if I was wearing the shawls I’ve been knitting and the answer to that is yes and no. I love knitting them, even the ones that haven’t turned out to be a shape that I find flattering or easy for me to wear. I gave two of my favorites away … One to Mom and one to my sister Ann for their birthdays and I think both of those will be ones I’ll make again eventually. I even have the yarn (in another color way) and beads for the Calla Shawl I made Ann.

I’ve learned that circular and semi-circular shawls are not ones I’ll wear but I do think they’re gorgeous.

I’ve leaned that a lot of one skein projects are too small for me although lace when worked with larger needles makes the most of one skein and the Calla Shawl was plenty big.

I love beaded shawls … The Calla Shawl was the first one I did and I think after mentioning it 3 times already that it needs to move up in my queue!

Rectangle shawls that fall into that oversized scarf range may just be my favorite so far and I wore the red scarf I just finished tonight for the first time. I love it and will wear this one a lot.


I went to a dinner get together with people going on the Habitat for Humanity Costa Rica trip … I can’t believe it’s less than 3 weeks before we go. I’m still a little nervous but a lot excited!

Regression not progression

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This is what my knitting looked like Friday night …


I stayed up late to knit a few more rows and made a mistake that I could not recover from … So now my shawl looks like this…


I wanted to knit last night but was too frustrated still to cast on again so I pulled out the Herringbone Shawl … I love this one and it’s easy knitting but it’s 3/4 done and with my recent disaster in mind, I tossed a lifeline in just in case!!


I spent some time looking through my queue debating starting a different shawl rather than casting on this one on again today but I decided to just restart and to make sure I add a lifeline before starting the lace and beading.

I’m going to piece a little this afternoon but we’ll watch the Super Bowl tonight and I’ll knit. – go Denver! Not usually one of my favorite teams but it’s been fun this year to see Peyton Manning do so well.


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Yes, another one quilted … Not sure how successfully. This a quilt I normally would have tied … With HeartStrings, we get blocks and tops from all levels of quilters. We offer suggestions and tips for improving but believe that all quilts have value for providing warmth and comfort to those in need. This one had some fullness and the blocks didn’t line up that well.


I decided to try a line dancing type design from the book Mindful Meandering.


I have to say my overall effect was more of a big meandering rather than puzzle pieces.


This makes #5 of 9 completed. Progress is being made.