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Random stuff

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After I posted the photos from our walk earlier, I thought I probably should have shared the collage app I use all the time on the iPad. It’s called PicFrame and it has lots of different layouts. I can’t remember what I paid but it wasn’t much and I use it all the time when I want to share several photos but don’t want to upload them all separately.

Several people asked about the Herringbone shawl I finished last night. It was a free pattern from Ravelry and an enjoyable knit. Great for traveling as the pattern was easy to remember although I did track my row numbers.

That leads me to another great app … JKnitHDlite. It’s free and you can import PDF patterns and use a highlighted row marker to keep your place in the pattern. They have a pro version and I have both but the paid version requires you to enter your pattern in sections. Too much work for me, I just want to highlight my rows in the PDF and the free version works great for that.

Speaking of knitting, I picked my Cobweb shawl back up tonight. I’m not the best at reading my knitting although I am getting better. It’s just harder when a project has been set aside for a couple weeks (or more).

I’m in love with all the beaded shawls from BooKnits. This is my third one of hers I’ve knit. When I first started beading I felt like I needed a third hand but it’s easier now.


I love my Fleegle beader but hated the customer service so I won’t link to the Etsy shop. If you need to check it out you can google Fleegle beader but don’t say I didn’t warn you if you have issues.

I’ve paid for the BooKnits patterns I’ve made but she does have one free one on Ravelry. they look more complicated than they are and as long as I take them one section at a time I do fine with them. If you decide to try them and don’t usually use lifelines in your knitting. I’d suggest you consider using them. I love using my KnitPicks needles when I’m knitting lace because it’s easy to place a lifeline. Here’s a video that shows how.

Now I’m going to finish up and head up to bed … I’ll stop in the sewing room and make a couple of my framed 9 patch blocks on the way. If I try, I might even finish the blocks before the end of the month and check one more item off the list.

And talking about the sewing room brings me to my last link for tonight. My newest toy is a JBL Charge — a Bluetooth speaker that I can play music from my iPad or iPhone or stream from a site like Pandora (via the idevices!) Keith’s had one for about 6 months and my Bose speaker in the sewing room died so I needed a new one. Love it!

Off my needles

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I finished knitting the Herringbone Shawl tonight and it’s off my needles and another item is checked off my list.

Goal setting might not be your thing but I like my goals and lists and they keep me focused on what I want to accomplish without taking away my enjoyment in quilting and knitting. I won’t accomplish everything I set out to this month and that’s disappointing but I’ll just carry them over to next month.


Border decisions need to be made

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I finished the HeartStrings blocks and started assembling the top but I don’t know that I can just use the print as a border. It seems kind of light or maybe the top seems kind of dark?!

I need to put it up on the design wall and decide whether to…..
▪️add just the print border,
▪️or to add an inner border – gold maybe – and then the print
▪️or to sash the blocks and then use the print
▪️or to put an inner border and then a piano key scrappy border

First, I need to finish the blue framed 9 patch blocks that are up on the design wall now to free it up. Nothing will get done tomorrow as I have a dentist appt, a hair appt, and my volunteer shift at the library.


I so want to keep knitting on the yellow blanket but I am going to miss hitting most of my goals this month so I’m pulling out the Herringbone shawl which IS on the list to be finished this month.