A nice day for a walk

A long walk! From our hotel in San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and then back by ferry.

8+ miles all together.


5 thoughts on “A nice day for a walk

  1. Dar in MO

    What a wonderful walk that would be. I envy you the scenery and the warm weather. Eight miles is a very long walk in my book. Don’t think I could walk that far yet.

  2. Marillyn Smith

    Mollie, you were about 5 miles from where I was born grew up (Ross). Sausalito is maybe 3 miles from my high school. In fact, after our wedding and we went to Sausalito for a wedding dinner after our reception (family and wedding party). It was wonderful and lots of fun. Have walked that bridge many times as well as traveling across to work in the financial district 5 days a week for awhile.

    Glad that you had good weather and enjoyed my favorite city in the world…and we have been to many of them.


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