Border decisions need to be made

I finished the HeartStrings blocks and started assembling the top but I don’t know that I can just use the print as a border. It seems kind of light or maybe the top seems kind of dark?!

I need to put it up on the design wall and decide whether to…..
▪️add just the print border,
▪️or to add an inner border – gold maybe – and then the print
▪️or to sash the blocks and then use the print
▪️or to put an inner border and then a piano key scrappy border

First, I need to finish the blue framed 9 patch blocks that are up on the design wall now to free it up. Nothing will get done tomorrow as I have a dentist appt, a hair appt, and my volunteer shift at the library.


I so want to keep knitting on the yellow blanket but I am going to miss hitting most of my goals this month so I’m pulling out the Herringbone shawl which IS on the list to be finished this month.

12 thoughts on “Border decisions need to be made

  1. Dar in MO

    I would go with the last choice if it were mine – an inner border and scrappy piano keys final border. I think the fabric you have as a possible border is too light for the blocks and takes away from the richness of their colors. I love string blocks so much, I want them to get all the attention! lol

  2. Penny G

    Okay – this is the hardest part of designing a quilt. My choice would be almost anything other than the fabric you have. I think the gold as the whole border would work, but my favorite would be the green in the blocks. I would normally pick blue, but blue works as an accent maybe the binding while green would anchor the quilt without pulling you more toward the borders. There you go – my opinion and $2.75 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks here,

  3. Sue

    I think the last choice….the inner border with a scrappy piano key border….sounds the best out of the choices you listed.. While I really like the fabric you chose, there’s just “something” not quite right about it. I agree with Dar….it seems too light…and possibly too busy….it seems to distract from the blocks. Funny, but I like Penny’s suggestion as well..using green as a border seems to “feel” right!

  4. Ann

    For what it’s worth ~ another idea. Use the print as your narrow border and then a darker fabric (I like Penny’s suggestion of green) for the outer border.

  5. Nann

    Though the print fabric picks up the colors in the blocks, I think there are two reasons it doesn’t look right. It is much busier than the solids/tone-on-tones, and its light background is much lighter than the overall feel of the blocks. I agree that it might be good as a narrow inner border. Use a darker print, or go with piano keys.

  6. Denise Porter

    I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I like sashing between the blocks myself. Makes it look more “finished.” Good luck with your decision! Denise in Canada.

  7. Melinda in CT

    I think it needs to be brightened up if you want to use the adorable dinosaur fabric for the main border. I think a bright blue for the narrow border would work.

  8. Ardis

    I would make a narrow sashing from the print and then use many colors as my tiny cornerstones. Then on the outside of the quilt I would use wider borders from the print. This would allow the dark blocks to be toned down a bit and still use the adorable light print in the final border. It keeps the small top fun and appropriate for a child.

  9. Diane

    Love your string blocks – and agree with Penny G. about green for the outer border. Do you have enough dino fabric to use that as your backing fabric – that might be a fun solution! Thanks for all the great patterns that you share – love your work!

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