Off my needles

I finished knitting the Herringbone Shawl tonight and it’s off my needles and another item is checked off my list.

Goal setting might not be your thing but I like my goals and lists and they keep me focused on what I want to accomplish without taking away my enjoyment in quilting and knitting. I won’t accomplish everything I set out to this month and that’s disappointing but I’ll just carry them over to next month.


12 thoughts on “Off my needles

  1. Heather

    That is lovely…..and I used to think..write down what I want to do or get done for quilting and my knitting ?? It’s a hobby….well, I decided to try an experiment starting in January, I will never not write my monthly list of things I want to get done…..there is a feeling of accomplishment and that I actually do get things finished….my inspiration for this … and a local quilt friend….. So thank you !

  2. Linda

    Great job! I am working on the same shawl along with a couple of baby blankets and dishcloths so I know I won’t get mine done as quickly as you did yours but I do wish I had your fortitude of sticking too it until it is done.

  3. Nancy

    It’s lovely!

    I’ve been on a mission this week to empty some knitting needles of long neglected projects. One more project to go, and I can start something new.

  4. Grace

    Oh, how pretty. I love gray, and the pattern shows up so well in that color. Well done, Mary.

  5. Linda H

    I keep a “mental” list of goals for a time period. The only thing I really need to write down is what I need from the grocery store … my short term memory got up and left! LOL The shawl is beautiful! A pattern from Ravelry?

  6. Beth C

    Beautiful shawl. I love writing lists and setting goals. It doesn’t bother me that I don’t finish everything I started out to do. I have been known to add things during the month.

  7. Ann

    Absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful to be able to check something else off your list. I don’t mind making lists but I do get discouraged when very little on my list gets accomplished.

  8. Dianne King

    Wow the Herringbone Shawl is gorgeous! I’m fighting the urge to cast on something new. We have sold our home, with settlement on 23 April, and have leased a big house closer to in-laws for the next 12 months. My life is going to be about boxes and organization for the next few weeks!

  9. Dar in MO

    Very pretty shawl. What pattern is it? I too love to make lists because it helps keep me focused and I thoroughly enjoy checking off the “done” items!!

  10. Tanya Watanabe

    Your knitting is so even! The herringbone pattern is beautiful. I like goal setting too though I’m certainly not as focused as you are.

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