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Let’s talk afghans

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In general I find it much quicker to crochet afghans rather than knit them but I’ve knit 3 recently and they’ve all been free patterns on Ravelry. As someone who takes the time to write up free quilt instructions, I appreciate the efforts of those who offer free knitting patterns.

In addition to the Feather and Fan that I started last night ….and am loving!

I made this Pine Forest Baby afghan for Rae for Christmas. It was a smallish, car seat size and knit up fairly fast.


This one was also made for Rae … The Sunny Baby Blanket ( the original was in yellow)


This one showed up in a lot of Rae photos and I know it was well used.


If you’re not a member of Ravelry and if you knit or crochet, it’s definitely worth joining. Lots of inspiration there.

No finishes but another project started

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I never did make it back to the sewing room today so the HeartStrings blocks remain unfinished, the framed 9 patch blocks are still on the design wall and unfinished too.

So why didn’t I sew today?

I had my 3rd visit to the dentist in a week, yes on a Sunday. I broke the temporary crown on Saturday night and was in a bit of a panic since I’m flying out Monday morning but the on call dentist told me to come into the office and he replaced the temporary crown. Now if it will just last the 9 days before the permanent crown is due to be placed I’ll be doing good.

We also ran errands and had a late lunch while we were out and when we got home it was late and time to pack. I’m going to have a lot of down time in the coming week and lots of airport/flying time so I wanted to pack a knitting project only the Cobweb shawl is too complicated and has too many beads to work on while traveling and the Herringbone shawl is too close to being finished to last me a week, so I did a quick search through my Ravelry queue and my yarn stash and picked a Feather and Fan baby afghan. I always like to have a project well established when I’m taking it on the road so I spent the rest of the evening casting on and knitting the first few repeats. The yarn is a light yellow color called Creme Brûlée and it’s a soft cotton yarn which should make a nice blanket.


So that’s why I started a new project even though I have two piecing projects in progress, two knitting projects in process, and 3 more donation quilts to bind this month.

I accomplished nothing today

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Between the ongoing drama of the insurance hassles of repairing our place in Georgia … Yes, it’s been two months and just yesterday they gave us an estimate that is thousands of dollars less than the repairs are adding up to be … In fact, tens of thousands of dollars less. Multiple emails and phone calls between me, the association, the insurance adjuster, the insurance company, the mitigation company, and the contractor and nothing accomplished.

Keith also gave me news that our travel plans for next week were complicated by his need to travel to Phoenix and multiple changes in flights and hotels and doggie boarding reservations later — we have a more complex travel week ahead. I’m hoping to relax some and Keith and I should have some much needed time together in between business meetings and events.

So … Tomorrow I hope to spend a little time sewing to celebrate National Quilting Day in between running a bunch of errands. How about you?! Any quilty plans this weekend?

I need to make a child size HeartStrings top to show off this summer at a talk so I pulled a border and fabric for a center string and will start the blocks tomorrow. The good thing is a child size HeartStrings quilt will only take 24 blocks.

Here are fabrics …


And in case you haven’t seen one of my smaller HeartStrings quilts. … Take a look here.

Another one bound

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This one was also brought home from the last HeartStrings sew-in and it’s the 6th one finished. Three more to go!


I needed some uncomplicated knitting and pulled out the herringbone shawl. Unfortunately I promptly made a mistake and had to pull back to the one and only lifeline I had in the piece. Lots of re-knitting to do tonight so I’m settling in for a long evening.