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Shopping online

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I’m a bit of a hermit and hate shopping for the most part so when I can, I shop online. While I tend to shop for bargains, I’m willing to pay full price for the focus fabric for my Quick Strippie quilts and then I usually pull the other two fabrics for the quilt from stash.

I think has the best selection of novelty fabrics ( the kitty fabric from the Strippie I posted today was bought there) so when I needed some pink elephants, I headed over there and found two I like. One will be a gift and one a donation quilt but I haven’t decided which one will be the gift.



Are you noticing a pink theme here in my knitting and quilting? Caleb is going to have a little sister the end of the summer.

I’m better at starting than finishing

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I should be weaving the ends in and blocking the yellow blanket but instead I started the next one. This is a simple garter stitch blanket knit corner to corner. Mindless knitting is just what I need these days and it’s been hard to make myself set it aside so I can finish the binding on April’s UFO.


We’ve had a rainy day with snow mixed in …. Which is why I’m still sitting under a quilt even though tomorrow is the last day of April.

Binding today

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I got my HeartStrings quilt trimmed and the binding on, so I’ll hand stitch it today. Also bound off the yellow blanket yesterday. Used a stretchy bind off because I wanted the scallops to form but it might be a bit too stretchy. Live and learn.

One last photo from our trip – shot by Adam on the beach on before Keith had to leave.


Just Git it Done

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April’s UFO is quilted … Nothing fancy, just some Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD. This pattern is my freehand meander of choice for quick quilting on HeartStrings tops. Started in May 2013 – I think most of my UFO’s are now finished 1-2 years after they’re started.


I’m going to knit a while and I may or may not get started on the binding today. Another volunteer asked to take my shift at the library tomorrow so I have a few extra hours to work on it before the month ends.


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I collect mugs when we travel … Not every trip but most of them especially if I don’t already have a mug from a city. This morning I’m drinking my coffee from the Minnesota mug but I did unpack and wash my new Tampa mug so it’s ready to go in the morning rotation. The shape of the MN mug is my favorite over the last year or two but not every location has that shape.


Entertaining myself

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I always travel with my activity bag … Kindle, iPad, and some knitting so I can kill time in the airport. We had to change our flights because of Keith’s family issues so I’ll end up spending all day here waiting for him to drive back up from South Florida for our flight this evening. I’m glad to have a comfortable seat and plenty to entertain me while I wait.


Chris was nice enough to drop me off at the airport as they headed back to GA and Rae and I sat in the back and read. I’ll miss her!


It’s personal

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I wasn’t sure that I was going to share on the blog that we had a family crisis this week. I don’t tend to share our challenges as they are very personal but you may have noticed that Keith is no longer in the vacation photos because he had to leave to deal with a family issue. I’m enjoying the time with my sons and their families but we miss Keith terribly…. Especially me or so I thought until I read an email from my son to Keith thanking him for inviting him to spend our 25th anniversary with us. You may not realize it but Chris and Adam are my children from my first marriage … Keith is my 2nd husband but has always been a wonderful father to my boys. In addition to telling Keith how much he missed him and how much he appreciated this vacation, Chris wrote him …

I love you so much and am so LUCKY to have you as my dad

We’d planned this vacation for months and it’s been very hard to not have Keith with us but I love that my son is appreciative and acknowledges how much Keith has meant to him through the years.