Enjoying a couple days with Keith before the family arrives. A romantic dinner last night, a massage this morning and now sitting in the hammock. It’s rainy but I’m outside in a nice spot for reading so I’m OK with that.


8 thoughts on “Relaxed

  1. MarilynS

    Mollie-how I want some downtime like that. Reading, nothing to think about..You are on vacation together, doing what you both want..and most of all, enjoying each other. Have a fantastic time. Sounds perfect! I am so ready. Would love to return to Venice (we both stayed at the same hotel and I would return in a minute). I hope someday you will come to Pam Springs for a getaway and we can meet up.

    Enjoy your time with your family.

    Happy Easter to all of you!


  2. julierose

    Great to see that you are relaxing! i sat out on my deck in the SUN (yes, apparently it’s still up there!) for 2 hours (with lotion and a visored cap–and just soaked in the warmth…wonderfully restful…I hope you have a terrific crocheting away here…hugs, Julierose

  3. Shari

    Happy Easter to both of you. We will be leaving in about 6 hours for our vacation. So looking forward to seeing my whales this year. We were too late to see them last year. I have my sewing projects packed, my Nook is fully loaded and I intend to do exactly what you’re doing for awhile. Enjoy your time together.

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