Entertaining myself

I always travel with my activity bag … Kindle, iPad, and some knitting so I can kill time in the airport. We had to change our flights because of Keith’s family issues so I’ll end up spending all day here waiting for him to drive back up from South Florida for our flight this evening. I’m glad to have a comfortable seat and plenty to entertain me while I wait.


Chris was nice enough to drop me off at the airport as they headed back to GA and Rae and I sat in the back and read. I’ll miss her!


4 thoughts on “Entertaining myself

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    I know what you mean it is always so sad when the little one leaves as well. Can’t wait till we can read together right now it is one sided and Demi just falls asleep. Oh Demi is my greatgranddaughter 6 weeks old. so much fun. I hope you will have more time with Rae soon. she is just lovely.

  2. Ruth

    I have pretty much the same things when I’m travelling except I swap out the knitting for English Paper Piecing hexagons. I have trouble with airport security and knitting needles where I live.

    I hope the family issues are resolved soon.

  3. Penny G

    Rae is so big.I hope reading to her gives you great pleasure. Reading always gives me the best insight to my granddaughters. As they have grown, I have watched their interests change and now they are both reading with the 4 year old learning in such a different way than her 6 year old sister did. They like different things in books and even the colors and styles of illustrations tip me off as to who picked which books from the library.

  4. Ruth

    I miss my MN grands tremendously, but that’s the way it goes. On the other hand, I will visit for a few days, so I actually know them better than the local grands. With the local ones, you pop in and say hi, and then leave. But when I spend a week with them, I really get to know them so well.

    Rae is adorable!

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