I collect mugs when we travel … Not every trip but most of them especially if I don’t already have a mug from a city. This morning I’m drinking my coffee from the Minnesota mug but I did unpack and wash my new Tampa mug so it’s ready to go in the morning rotation. The shape of the MN mug is my favorite over the last year or two but not every location has that shape.


5 thoughts on “Mugs

  1. Penny G

    Love the mugs. I collected mugs for a while, but now that every cabinet in the kitchen is over full I have switched to wine glasses that I can stick out on the baker’s rack, but That is almost full so I either have to quit travelling or just take pictures and make books with them. Thank heavens for Winkflash and Snapfish.

  2. SaraF

    It is fun to collect some small object from our travels. I’ve been collecting Christmas ornaments for many years when we travel. It’s always fun to search for something unique that reminds me of the location. The mugs are fun and probably trigger memories every time you use them.

  3. Cindy B.

    That is my fave shape cup as well.

    (I forgot to answer the security question and it sent me back!)

  4. Carmel

    We collected mugs quite some years ago from travels around England and the USA. When displayed on a mug tree, they generated a lot of conversation and memories. These days they are stored in a cupboard and are gently used as they are ageing. For us, they hold so much more than a warm drink and it is hard to let them go. My husband is currently in Seattle on business so am going to ask if he can find me a cup in that shape. Living in Australia it would be extra special.

  5. MarilynS

    That is my favorite mug shape too! We have 4 of them. I take it you were in the Tampa area, We were there last Nov., in fact my brother is flying there today from Sacramento to visit my uncle that lives there. Tampa has a very nice airport – you must know it well by now!

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