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I hate ripping out my knitting but I felt the scarf was too narrow and the fabric too dense when knitting according to the pattern.


I restarted it on needles two sizes bigger and added one more repeat of the rib pattern and I’ll hope the scarf doesn’t turn out too short. Since I only have the yarn that was included in the kit I’ll be done when I run out of yarn.


Do you tack?

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I always throw a couple stitches in the front of my corners when I’m hand sewing my bindings and I was surprised at how many people who don’t. I know this is often considered a show quilt kind of thing but those two little stitches keep the binding looking great year after year, washing after washing.


I did finish the binding on the little Strippie tonight so technically that’s March’s UFO finished. I’ll do April’s when I get home. It’s snowing tonight but tomorrow we’re heading SOUTH!


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I seem to use this excuse a lot for starting new knitting projects but I’m getting ready to travel again and I’m not sure I want to carry the yellow blanket to work on because it’s getting big. Well it’s not terribly big but a smaller project like a scarf might be easier to work on while I’m on the plane.

I find I spend as much time looking at potential projects as I actually spend knitting and after a week of looking at scarf projects, I grabbed this ribbed one that I’d bought as a kit 2 or 3 years ago and cast it on tonight after working at the library.


I added a couple other scarves to the queue during my search but this one met my need for a mindless knit and the yarn was already wound into balls.

The yellow blanket is more than 2/3’s done so don’t worry, it won’t end up as a UFO and I’ll be back to work on it when I get home.

Hearts, Loops, and Swirls

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Sometimes I amaze myself at how much I procrastinate. I have not been in the mood to quilt so I’ve been working on everything else on my to do list but with an upcoming trip and the other items already completed I NEEDED to quilt today and Wednesday.

My best strategy for doing something I don’t want to do is to make it as easy as possible so I chose the easiest (and smallest) UFO I had. This little Strippie also had a pieced batting already assembled so I didn’t even have to drag the roll of batting out to measure and cut. I might even get it trimmed and sew the binding later on so I can start stitching it down tonight. For now I’m going to read.


Double 4 Patch

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I’ve made a green version and I’ve made a red version … Today I started a blue and red Double 4 Patch. Right now the plan is to make this borderless but we’ll see how it looks as I get some blocks made.

I also knit a while today while we watched the Master’s on TV. I really should be loading and quilting a UFO this weekend but I don’t think that’s going to happen.