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Enjoying my visit with family … Still worried about Chesty but I’m checking up on him and we have a vet appt for the day after we arrive in FL.

Walked the Nolan Trail today with Keith – 5 miles … Let’s consider it my first training walk since Chris and I decided we’d do the half marathon in November and the full one in March. Keep in mind, I’m walking … He’ll be running or run/walking but I don’t plan to run at all. My heart doesn’t like strenuous activity like running but I can do a moderate activity like walking for miles without a problem (by problem I mean arrhythmia’s!)

The Nolan Trail at Mariners Museum is a favorite of ours and one that we walk frequently when we’re here visiting Mom. We’ll walk it again tomorrow with my sisters and BIL.


On my needles

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I know not all of you like to travel but … Planes, trains and automobiles – I love it all. Sitting here on the plane today knitting with plenty of elbow room and a glass of wine to sip. It’s the perfect antidote to the stress of last night and the last few weeks.


Chesty was greeted this morning by one of his favorites at the daycare/kennel who promised he’ll get lots of attention and hugs even though he can’t play with the other dogs this time. His limp is more pronounced this morning but he still doesn’t appear to be in pain.

Doggy ER

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Chesty is having a problem with his back leg or hip and he decided to start limping at 9:45pm. Since he’s going to be boarding all week I felt he needed to be looked at tonight so we were in the doggy ER until midnight.

They’re not sure what the issue is but he’s not in any pain and the exam didn’t show any abnormalities so the treatment is to rest the leg. Leash walks only. With all the stairs and jumping he does here at home, it will actually be easier to limit his activities while boarding. If it’s not resolved when we get home, the first thing we’ll do when we get to FL will be to have him examined by a vet there.

The timing with us being gone and then having to jump in the car and drive to FL couldn’t be worse. I’m hoping it’s nothing serious and that it doesn’t get any worse over the next 10 days!


I’d show you the photo of Keith napping in the chair on the other side of the exam room but he told me very specifically NOT to put that photo on the blog.

We’re doing it!

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Chris and I were chatting all afternoon. Found a half marathon in Ft Lauderdale early November and a full one in VA Beach in March. He’ll run or run/walk them and I’ll walk and we’ll support each other through the training with texts, emails, and calls.

Registration Confirmation for:

2014 Michelob ULTRA Fort Lauderdale 13.1 Marathon
Dear Mary,

Congratulations! You are now registered for 2014 Michelob ULTRA Fort Lauderdale 13.1 Marathon. Please check the event’s official website for updates:


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Thank you Delta – an upgrade to first class always makes for a more enjoyable trip and our flight is non-stop which is even better. Looking forward to a break from move preparation.

I’ve been worrying about Big Canoe being ready to receive all my ‘stuff’ the first week of July. My contractor assured me it will definitely be ready although I don’t think the bathroom will get done in time but that’s OK, as long as there are walls and flooring and the painting is done I’ll be OK. I do need to have Chris pick up 3 ceiling fans for me.

Because I need some motivation to exercise and I’m nervous I’ll do less walking once we move, I’ve decided I need to train to walk a marathon. Chris has talked about running or running/walking one and I think he’s done at least one half marathon. I don’t think he’s done a full one but he says he’s in so we’re looking at possibilities. I think the first real option will be next year in March but I’m hoping we can find a half marathon to do late fall. I know this is something I can do, after all I did complete 60 miles in 3 days in 2006 and the training was really good for me. I know I can walk 26.2 miles! Funny but I was also moving then.

There are lots of features on my phone I don’t use but I thought I’d try the reminder feature at a location. Mom wants a call when we leave the airport tomorrow.


Last minute stuff

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One of the first things I did was pack up my piecing projects for FL. I’m going to be away from my stash for months at a time and I didn’t want to run out of things to work on. I’ve already forgotten everything I put in the bins but there are strings for HeartStrings quilts, quick Strippies to piece, at least two block sets to assemble, a double 4 patch, a rail fence, my HSTeria project all cut out, fabric for a king size quilt for my DIL, and at least a couple fat quarter bundles …. I really shouldn’t worry about running out any time soon….BUT

I also tossed in my hand quilting hoop and some big stitch needles. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at this technique but there always seems to be other quilting priorities. I spent some time during the night googling big stitch quilting and saw lots of inspiration. Although it’s not a new technique, the modern quilt movement seems to have adopted it and you see it in a lot of their quilts.

I’ve got a bunch of tops already pieced but none seemed just right until tonight. I think I could do some zigzag big stitch quilting on this top.


Now all I have to do is find time to grab the top and backing, maybe some batting, and decide whether I want to use size 8 perle cotton or try size 10 crochet cotton and pack it all up to take to FL.

Casting on

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Project: Drop Dead Gorgeous shawl
Book: Scarves and shawls for yarn lovers
Ravelry link

This will probably be boring to knit … All stockinette and then stitches are dropped during the bind off and a ribbon fringe is added. I think it will be something I can wear in GA and FL and right now, a boring knit is good!

I decided to finish sorting and packing up my yarn and knitting projects and found the ribbon that I’d planned to use for the fringe of this shawl. I have two, one’s lighter and one’s darker and I was going to wait until the shawl was done and pick one but I’m thinking I might combine them and use both. We’ll see.


I ended up with 5 bins for yarn and knitted items. I have some shawls that will be donated eventually and a bunch of projects that need ends woven in and blocking in one bin, one bin has yarn going to FL and the other 3 have yarn going to GA. I also sent a couple boxes to an internet friend who does donation knitting …. Sigh, my yarn stash is still bigger than I thought. The 3 bins going to GA are well sorted so I can find my blanket yarn, my sock yarn, my ‘really nice’ shawl yarn, and my everyday kind of yarn for hats, scarves, and shawls.

I set some skeins aside that I can hopefully wind into balls when I come back from FL to finish up the GA move. It’s nice to have them already wound and ready to cast on!

I’m heading upstairs to pack my clothing for FL. Two suitcases and hopefully one box will do it. The winter stuff will go to GA.

Cuddle time

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We made good progress this weekend and I am almost done with the FL packing with 2 days to spare. I do have a couple hours worth of packing left before we head to VA for a week but I’m in good shape plus a lot of the GA packing has also been done and I’ll still have a couple weeks to finish that up before the movers come when I get back from FL.

So … Chesty got some cuddle time tonight and I got some knitting in. I even wove all the ends in rather than just setting it aside to do later!

It’s not a large blanket but it’s a good size for a car seat or stroller.