We’re trying to figure out why the more progress we make the worse the house looks!!!

Packing up the kitchen this weekend, the clothes on Wednesday and we’re done with the FL stuff!



6 thoughts on “Ugh!!!

  1. Penny G

    The reason it looks worse is the progress means everything that was nicely tucked away is now in the open in a box that sits in the middle of the floor. And the stuff that isn’t in a box yet has still been moved so you know that you have packed everything you should have. It really only looks better after that maid service you hired to do the final clean finishes cleaning.

  2. Stephanie

    LOL Mollie – not only are you packing to move, but you are moving to TWO places at once. No wonder things feel a little haphazard right now.
    Be kind to yourself, that is a very big task you have going on.

  3. Joyce Barham

    I’m reflecting on a move we made in 2000. We had to pack 3 different houses and consolidate all the furniture, antiques, etc. Also, I was packing up my married daughter’s furniture and stuff as she was moving also. She had just had a newborn by c-section, so she needed lots of help. I remember feeling overwhelmed and very tired. As we were moving ourselves to 2 different cities, it was very challenging. It looks bad before the end is in sight. Keep your chin up! We made it with just the two of us and 2 children. No husbands in sight! They joined us later!
    I’m sending you hope and I have faith that you will be ready on time. Look forward the the reward that comes later! Love you, Mollie. Joyce Barham.

  4. Linda H

    Stephanie said it perfectly … it’s not just ONE move, it’s TWO … which means you have to sort through things two and three times making sure it goes in the right pile. Don’t stress … it will all work out and will be over soon! Pat yourself on the back … you’ve done an excellent job!

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