Casting on

Project: Drop Dead Gorgeous shawl
Book: Scarves and shawls for yarn lovers
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This will probably be boring to knit … All stockinette and then stitches are dropped during the bind off and a ribbon fringe is added. I think it will be something I can wear in GA and FL and right now, a boring knit is good!

I decided to finish sorting and packing up my yarn and knitting projects and found the ribbon that I’d planned to use for the fringe of this shawl. I have two, one’s lighter and one’s darker and I was going to wait until the shawl was done and pick one but I’m thinking I might combine them and use both. We’ll see.


I ended up with 5 bins for yarn and knitted items. I have some shawls that will be donated eventually and a bunch of projects that need ends woven in and blocking in one bin, one bin has yarn going to FL and the other 3 have yarn going to GA. I also sent a couple boxes to an internet friend who does donation knitting …. Sigh, my yarn stash is still bigger than I thought. The 3 bins going to GA are well sorted so I can find my blanket yarn, my sock yarn, my ‘really nice’ shawl yarn, and my everyday kind of yarn for hats, scarves, and shawls.

I set some skeins aside that I can hopefully wind into balls when I come back from FL to finish up the GA move. It’s nice to have them already wound and ready to cast on!

I’m heading upstairs to pack my clothing for FL. Two suitcases and hopefully one box will do it. The winter stuff will go to GA.

3 thoughts on “Casting on

  1. Ann

    That yarn will indeed make a Drop Dead Gorgeous Shawl. You’ve made great progress on all your packing ~ that has to feel wonderful!

  2. Nancy

    I love the yarn and the ribbons that you selected – both look fabulous with he yarn.

    Thanks again for all the yarn. I’m anxious to start some projects with it.

  3. Penny G

    The wall has arrived. You are beginning to let a little discouragement creep in. You can do this and all will go well. The sighs help relieve some of the pressure, and your goals will get you through. I am so impressed by your ability to get so much done with a joyful spirit.

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