Last minute stuff

One of the first things I did was pack up my piecing projects for FL. I’m going to be away from my stash for months at a time and I didn’t want to run out of things to work on. I’ve already forgotten everything I put in the bins but there are strings for HeartStrings quilts, quick Strippies to piece, at least two block sets to assemble, a double 4 patch, a rail fence, my HSTeria project all cut out, fabric for a king size quilt for my DIL, and at least a couple fat quarter bundles …. I really shouldn’t worry about running out any time soon….BUT

I also tossed in my hand quilting hoop and some big stitch needles. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at this technique but there always seems to be other quilting priorities. I spent some time during the night googling big stitch quilting and saw lots of inspiration. Although it’s not a new technique, the modern quilt movement seems to have adopted it and you see it in a lot of their quilts.

I’ve got a bunch of tops already pieced but none seemed just right until tonight. I think I could do some zigzag big stitch quilting on this top.


Now all I have to do is find time to grab the top and backing, maybe some batting, and decide whether I want to use size 8 perle cotton or try size 10 crochet cotton and pack it all up to take to FL.

6 thoughts on “Last minute stuff

  1. Michele in TN

    Remember Mary, while you are away from your stash there are always quilt shops with a generous supply of fabric! lol!

  2. Sara

    You know…….if you run out of fabric while in Florida, they do have quilt shops in that state. In fact, I have a good friend who owns a shop on Merritt Island……might be a fun road trip???

  3. SaraF

    I see the previous comments already mentioned the same solution I was thinking about in case you run out of stash – visiting a quilt shop. You must be feeling very satisfied with the organization you are accomplishing. Looking like you are almost ready for the move.

  4. Ann

    That’s a perfect top to quilt with big stitch quilting. Should you find yourself low on quilt projects, replenishing your project bin will be a good reason to make a trip to GA

  5. SharO

    Hi Mary
    Do you have a pattern/name for this quilt? It looks quick and easy and a little different from the ‘normal’ zig-zag.

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