Doggy ER

Chesty is having a problem with his back leg or hip and he decided to start limping at 9:45pm. Since he’s going to be boarding all week I felt he needed to be looked at tonight so we were in the doggy ER until midnight.

They’re not sure what the issue is but he’s not in any pain and the exam didn’t show any abnormalities so the treatment is to rest the leg. Leash walks only. With all the stairs and jumping he does here at home, it will actually be easier to limit his activities while boarding. If it’s not resolved when we get home, the first thing we’ll do when we get to FL will be to have him examined by a vet there.

The timing with us being gone and then having to jump in the car and drive to FL couldn’t be worse. I’m hoping it’s nothing serious and that it doesn’t get any worse over the next 10 days!


I’d show you the photo of Keith napping in the chair on the other side of the exam room but he told me very specifically NOT to put that photo on the blog.

12 thoughts on “Doggy ER

  1. Grace

    Awww, poor baby. Chesty is just soooooo adorable. Hopefully he has a slight sprain and will be okay in a day or two.

  2. Vic in NH

    Thanks for being such a thoughtful and responsible dog owner! Chesty will be forlorn with you gone as he boards, but he will get the rest he needs. I hope he will be all better when you return safely.

  3. Angie

    Poor Chesty. I must say he sure looks happy in the photo!—-and you look like the concerned one. I hope he feels better soon, and it does sound like a sprain of some sort if the X-rays were clear. Just some rest should make him feel better soon. Have safe travels!

  4. Nancy

    Sending good thoughts your way. I know it is going to be more stressful for you now with Chesty in a kennel and the distance between you.

  5. Ann

    Awww…poor Chesty. Hope it’s nothing serious. Not what you needed just before a trip.

  6. SaraF

    Poor Chesty. Hope he gets better soon! As our beloved pets get older (like their owners) it seems that they have more aches and pains. Our cat had a limp for a couple of weeks this winter, and we are guessing he hurt a foot jumping off the furniture. Glad that Chesty is not in pain and he’ll probably get good rest while being boarded.

  7. Jen

    My parents have a dog named Chesty too! They live in Duluth, MN. Where did you get your dog’s name from? I hope he feels better!

  8. Linda H

    Hoping all if better for Chesty! Sometimes it seems like a “perfect storm” but things will all fall into place and the end is almost in sight. Travel safe and as always look forward to your posts! Linda

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