On my needles

I know not all of you like to travel but … Planes, trains and automobiles – I love it all. Sitting here on the plane today knitting with plenty of elbow room and a glass of wine to sip. It’s the perfect antidote to the stress of last night and the last few weeks.


Chesty was greeted this morning by one of his favorites at the daycare/kennel who promised he’ll get lots of attention and hugs even though he can’t play with the other dogs this time. His limp is more pronounced this morning but he still doesn’t appear to be in pain.

7 thoughts on “On my needles

  1. Penny G

    Love the wine. I hope that the extra room in first class, being with Keith and the wine made for a perfect trip

  2. Sherrill

    It’s ALWAYS fun to travel when you get upgraded to first!! Loved that when my DH had his platinum status. Since his passing, I’ve traveled little and always on the bottom of the totem pole! Poor Chesty boy, sure hope he’s feeling better by the time you get back. I’d have a hard time leaving the little fella and I know you did, too!

  3. Shari

    LOL Once you’ve been up front, going to the back of the bus is not nearly as nice. Enjoy it and your traveling.

  4. Linda H

    Ah, First Class … never traveled that way but my shoes always seem to slow down as I pass that curtain into coach (or steerage as the DH calls it). It’s as if I’m MEANT to travel up front! LOL

  5. Mary Gischer

    Glad you can relax some after the ER and prayers that by the time you are reunited Chesty will be back to his old self.

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