Enjoying my visit with family … Still worried about Chesty but I’m checking up on him and we have a vet appt for the day after we arrive in FL.

Walked the Nolan Trail today with Keith – 5 miles … Let’s consider it my first training walk since Chris and I decided we’d do the half marathon in November and the full one in March. Keep in mind, I’m walking … He’ll be running or run/walking but I don’t plan to run at all. My heart doesn’t like strenuous activity like running but I can do a moderate activity like walking for miles without a problem (by problem I mean arrhythmia’s!)

The Nolan Trail at Mariners Museum is a favorite of ours and one that we walk frequently when we’re here visiting Mom. We’ll walk it again tomorrow with my sisters and BIL.


4 thoughts on “Family

  1. Helen

    I’m surprised to see the sunshine in the pictures, I thought it drizzled all day. At least when I was outdoors I got wet. I love the Nolan trail too, but these days we usually head down to Fort Monroe to walk. I love to watch the ships and on special days the dolphins. I also like the fact that there aren’t usually any bugs. No one in a group with me needs any bug spray – the bugs will all be on me!

  2. Dar in MO

    Don’t know anything about the Nolan Trail, but it looks beautiful. Wish there was something like that near by me and that I had someone to walk with — then I’d be there for sure. Good luck with your training and have a nice visit with family.

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