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The shredding zone

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I keep way too many documents — do you? I’m trying to consolidate 10 bins (not including the bin with this year’s docs!) of paper into 4 bins. That means a lot of shredding of financial and other personal documents. My shredder will only run about 5 minutes continuously. That’s enough to fill up the bin once and then it needs a 30 minute break before it works again. So I’ve already sorted through 6 of the bins and have about half a bin of paper waiting it’s turn for shredding. 5 minutes here and there and I’ll eventually get it all shredded.


The good news is that I packed up the entire longarm room and Keith vacuumed it for me. I’m embarrassed to say how dusty it was under the longarm. I hadn’t moved any of the bins to clean under there in a long, long, long, time. I’ve wrapped my leaders in plastic wrap to protect them and we’ll break down the table later this week. My box for the machine came today too.


Do you have a home phone?

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The plan in FL is to not have a landline as Keith would call it but to just use our cell phones. We have a home phone here but don’t get too many calls on it and I’ve been tempted to cancel it.

My only problem is that I miss a lot of calls on my cell phone because it’s either on another floor or the ringer is silenced. (I hate sounds every time I do something on it). I actually don’t mind missing calls except when it turns into telephone tag and I can’t reach the person when I call back. The other issue is my family gets irritated because I don’t answer calls.

Lots of progress today. The paperwork for the moving company was competed and emailed back so my dates are locked in … Or at least a range of dates and after work, we went over to the Uhaul place to reserve a trailer to pull behind the car for the stuff we’re taking to FL and scheduled an appt to get a hitch put on and wired up on the car.

We also set down with our schedules and the next 4 months are going to be insane. Mostly for Keith but it’s going to be pretty hectic for me until mid July.

By the way, we’ll have a 30+ hour drive to FL and I just told Keith tonight that I’ve never driven a car with any kind of trailer attached. I’ve claimed all the straight, deserted highway driving. He will have to take any traffic/city driving or anything that requires maneuvering!

Storage bins

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One of the reasons I want to pack up my fabric myself is so I can organize it in bins and label it appropriately. I think my fabric is going to live in the bins a while and if I have any hope of being able to kit up more projects when I run out of the first batch I’m going to have to know where everything is.

I need to kit up some green projects next I think as I couldn’t fit all the fabric and scraps in this bin. There was some spillover.


I think three more bins will hold the rest of the fabric, maybe four. I also have three bins full to take to FL. Two have strings and scraps, one has projects I kitted up and some fat quarters. Poor Chesty was tired of getting tripped over and tucked himself in the corner by the bins.


So it looks like my stash will fit in about 14 bins. That’s a crazy amount of fabric isn’t it? How many bins do you think it would take to house all of your stash? Fewer? More? A lot more?

Letting go

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Remember the Quilt Pink auctions? I made a quilt and donated it in 2007 but when they had so many of them that they were practically giving the quilts away I bought mine back … I kept it for a few years with the intention of donating it and then someone needed a quilt for a breast cancer patient and I had it all ready to give.


That same year, I bid on a quilt for myself to support the cause. This one came from Little Quilts in Marietta and having just moved to Minneapolis from there I was feeling nostalgic.


However, the first quilt I bid on and won was in 2005. I was planning to give it to my Aunt but she died from breast cancer before I could. I always intended to donate that quilt but I couldn’t in the first couple years after she died. Each time I’ve moved, I’ve thought that it’s time to donate it but never quite brought myself to give it away. It’s never been used, just carefully stored. Today, I’m finally able to let go and will be taking it to Kathy along with a bunch of other HeartStrings and other personal donation quilts I have here ready to give. When I do the math, I’m shocked that I’ve had this quilt for 9 years.



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One nice thing about an apartment is that setting up utilities is fairly easy. Keith came home today with all the paperwork and all I have to set up is the electric and internet. Two phone calls – so nice with everything else I have on my plate.


It gets worse before it gets better

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Right now I seem to be jumping from room to room as I sort what has to go to Florida. It will be much easier once that stuff is out of the house to finish up in time for the movers.

Today, I got my estimate and chose a moving company and I called Gammill about a box to move my longarm in. The box was only $50 as several people mentioned but the cost of shipping it to me is almost 3 times that. In the end, I decide to go ahead and pay. It’s much less trouble than trying to take the longarm somewhere locally to be crated up and I imagine the cost would be close to equal.

It doesn’t look like it but I’m making a lot of progress in the sewing room. I’m planning on doing part of the packing and having the movers do part of the packing so I’ve sorted through all the books, and the browns, pinks, purples, yellows, oranges are packed. I’m waiting for Keith to get home and get the rest of the bins upstairs for me. I’ll have to buy some too but not as many as I originally thought.

Funny, the more time I spend sorting and packing the more willing I am to get rid of stuff!

Moving the longarm

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Have any of you ever moved or shipped your longarm? I’ve moved mine twice but both times I put the longarm in the car and let the movers ship the table. That’s not possible this time.

I found a place that will crate and/or crate and ship items and while I don’t know how expensive that’s going to be, I’m thinking that might be the way to go. I can have it shipped to Chris’ house. Or I’m wondering if it’s safe to let the movers put it in the truck with the rest of our stuff after it’s crated.

I’m going to call over later and see when I can get it crated but I’d like to hear if any of you have moved yours.

I must be crazy

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With all the craziness that will be June, I must be crazy to even think about participating in Camp Loopy this summer but I am … thinking about it.

Project One: needs to be knit or crocheted between 6/1 and 6/30 (with a photo of the completed project uploaded to our Project One Photo Gallery by 7/1).

The Challenge for Project One – Find a project that reminds you of one of your favorite books, TV Shows, or movies. It can be based on a character, or a scene, or colors, or names, or however you’d like to interpret your love of that book/show/movie. We look forward to hearing you share your stories about what you picked and why! This first project must have a minimum of 400 yards, used in one project. (Not sets of things, like matching hats or shawls. However, a pair of socks or a pair of mittens DOES count!)

So the show that came to mind was the series Lark Rise to Candleford that I watched about a year ago on Amazon Prime. I loved the shawls they wore.

If I participate, it will have to be with some “conditions”. I will not participate with the Ravelry Camp Loopy group online. I don’t have time for that! There will be no pressure to actually finish.

Again if I participate, here’s the shawl I’ll make


And here’s the yarn I’ll use. (Yes, I did order more yarn) If I participate in July and August I’ll try to use yarn from stash.


I’ve already made this shawl once and really enjoyed knitting it. My intention was to donate this one but I haven’t worn the other one so maybe I’ll keep this one. If I participate.

A Florida apartment

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Keith found an apartment and has it lined up for an early June move in date. We’ll have to do a two part move with him and Chesty going down first and me driving down with them to settle in but then flying back to Minneapolis to finish coordinating the move of the majority of our household stuff to our GA condo.

The apartment exterior


I think walking Chesty will be a bit of a pain in a multi story apartment but we’ve done it before so I guess we can do it again. Keith likes the amenities, the nearby grocery store and restaurants, the location in relationship to airport, and the fact that it’s brand new and no one has ever lived in the apartment. It’s also a corner unit although not one of the ones with the larger rounded balconies shown in the photo.

The layout looks good. We went with a two bedroom unit since Keith will be working from home when he’s not traveling.


I head home tomorrow and have a lot to accomplish in the next 2 and a half weeks.

Rationalizing another purchase

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I’ve been pretty good about not adding as much to the fabric stash this year but I’ve been ordering yarn faster than I knit and I’d decided no more ordering of anything before the move. I’ve got a bin full of piecing projects kitted up and a bin full of yarn for projects in the Ravelry queue to take with me to FL. One of the things I’d decided was that I needed to choose a couple shawl projects for my Wolle’s lightweight cotton yarn since I’m going to be in FL/GA for a while and won’t need heavy wool scarves or shawls. I already have skeins of the Wolle’s stashed and packed up enough for two projects when I decided I needed to look to see this month’s choices.

She only sells a limited number of skeins each month and they go fast. I’ve been wanting one of the larger skeins and emailed to ask if they were still available in two colors and shocking both are … So I bought one of each colorway.



Aren’t they gorgeous? Now I just need to find a project that uses 865 yards!