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This is fun

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One of my genealogy newsletters had a link to the Social Security website where they list the most popular names last year and they have a feature that allows you to look up the most popular names for other years too.

I checked the year of my birth and guess what, I’m number one.


Keith and Adam didn’t make the top twenty list in their birth years but Christopher was #2. You can also look up the popularity of a specific name. Adam was #22 and Keith #36.

So where was your name on the list for the year you were born?

Quick Strippies

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You know these are favorite kids quilts for me and look … Here’s Emma with the one I made for her. She’s at camp with her Dad.


Kathy questioned how I keep the sides even and I shared this link to a post I wrote last year.

You’ll be seeing several of these in the coming months – I think I packed fabric for 5 or 6 of them to piece in FL. Not only are they quick to sew, it’s probably the easiest project to kit up for sewing later! Want to make one yourself? The instructions are on my website.

If only it was all this easy!

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I sorted the linen closet today into three boxes. The flannel sheets go to GA and the cotton sateen sheets to FL, how easy is that? The towels and quilts are also divided up. I’ve decided to put twin beds in the guest room so if my sisters come as promised, they’ll each have their own bed – I have two twin bed log cabin quilts, a quilt for our bed, and a couple sofa quilts. I’ll need one in the evenings with that Florida A/C going.


I love empty closets, it means I’m making progress. The longarm table is also disassembled and the last bit of shelving taken down in the sewing room. The shredding continues….

I think spring may have finally come to Minneapolis. I snapped this photo yesterday on my walk downtown to the library, tomorrow will be my last shift. It’s hard to believe but I’ve been volunteering there for 2 and a half years. I’ll miss it but am excited about spending more time on my own genealogy research again. I’ve already scoped out the closest library in FL and it’s just a mile away so easily walkable.


More yarn

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I already have a bin full of yarn packed for Florida but I came across a couple yarns hidden in a bin I bought before I moved to Minneapolis (yep, almost 8 years ago) and decided to wind them into balls.

This is the same yarn as I’m using for the pink and white blanket so it might well become another one of those. Nice to have something easy especially with all the uproar of the move.


And this one I bought to make a drop stitch scarf which should be really easy too.


They’re both ready to knit now and it’s time for me to head out. First to lunch and then the post office and my shift at the library.

The shredding zone

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I keep way too many documents — do you? I’m trying to consolidate 10 bins (not including the bin with this year’s docs!) of paper into 4 bins. That means a lot of shredding of financial and other personal documents. My shredder will only run about 5 minutes continuously. That’s enough to fill up the bin once and then it needs a 30 minute break before it works again. So I’ve already sorted through 6 of the bins and have about half a bin of paper waiting it’s turn for shredding. 5 minutes here and there and I’ll eventually get it all shredded.


The good news is that I packed up the entire longarm room and Keith vacuumed it for me. I’m embarrassed to say how dusty it was under the longarm. I hadn’t moved any of the bins to clean under there in a long, long, long, time. I’ve wrapped my leaders in plastic wrap to protect them and we’ll break down the table later this week. My box for the machine came today too.


Do you have a home phone?

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The plan in FL is to not have a landline as Keith would call it but to just use our cell phones. We have a home phone here but don’t get too many calls on it and I’ve been tempted to cancel it.

My only problem is that I miss a lot of calls on my cell phone because it’s either on another floor or the ringer is silenced. (I hate sounds every time I do something on it). I actually don’t mind missing calls except when it turns into telephone tag and I can’t reach the person when I call back. The other issue is my family gets irritated because I don’t answer calls.

Lots of progress today. The paperwork for the moving company was competed and emailed back so my dates are locked in … Or at least a range of dates and after work, we went over to the Uhaul place to reserve a trailer to pull behind the car for the stuff we’re taking to FL and scheduled an appt to get a hitch put on and wired up on the car.

We also set down with our schedules and the next 4 months are going to be insane. Mostly for Keith but it’s going to be pretty hectic for me until mid July.

By the way, we’ll have a 30+ hour drive to FL and I just told Keith tonight that I’ve never driven a car with any kind of trailer attached. I’ve claimed all the straight, deserted highway driving. He will have to take any traffic/city driving or anything that requires maneuvering!

Storage bins

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One of the reasons I want to pack up my fabric myself is so I can organize it in bins and label it appropriately. I think my fabric is going to live in the bins a while and if I have any hope of being able to kit up more projects when I run out of the first batch I’m going to have to know where everything is.

I need to kit up some green projects next I think as I couldn’t fit all the fabric and scraps in this bin. There was some spillover.


I think three more bins will hold the rest of the fabric, maybe four. I also have three bins full to take to FL. Two have strings and scraps, one has projects I kitted up and some fat quarters. Poor Chesty was tired of getting tripped over and tucked himself in the corner by the bins.


So it looks like my stash will fit in about 14 bins. That’s a crazy amount of fabric isn’t it? How many bins do you think it would take to house all of your stash? Fewer? More? A lot more?