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I take really bad selfies but here’s another unfinished shot of the shawl which at this point is more of a good size scarf. The ends are curling but that’s because it’s stockinette stitch. The blocking and fringe will help that.


Done – almost!

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I’ve cast off the drop stitch shawl and unraveled the stitches. It still needs blocking and fringe but that won’t happen here in MN. The left side of the photo is before dropping the stitches and the right is after. I like it so much better now but it will look even better when it’s done.


Next up I’m going to cast on this blanket. in a cotton yarn.

Had a bit of a scare today, was told there was a size limit on the moving van allowed in Big Canoe — luckily I’d already discussed the narrow winding roads and the fact that we don’t have all that much stuff and I was able to confirm the van will be smaller than the max size …. and our stuff is supposed to arrive in GA on July 5!

Hoping that pick up is Monday as promised and that delivery is on time. I’ll have several days to organize before I fly out if it goes according to plan.

I can’t piece

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But I can look at quilts … Browsing though EBay and my Evernote journal for inspiration.


If today is anything to go by, the next 3 days are going to drag by. I’m ready for the movers and anxious to get to the next phase of the move. I did walk downtown for lunch and spent some time at the library using their wifi. Am going to knit a little and then walk home….and knit some more. Luckily I have some audio books to listen to since I don’t have TV or Internet at home.

The best laid plans ….

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Today as I was puttering around tidying up the last few items in preparation for the movers tomorrow I got a phone call …

The truck was waiting for a part … In New York … And they wanted to know the latest I could be out of here. Really?!!

After emphatically telling her that they needed to be here Friday at the latest, as planned, she said she’d get back with me and she did … To tell me that they’ll be here Monday.

I have no other alternatives so I scrambled around rescheduling everything else and now all the time I built in as a cushion before I fly out of here is used up. Let’s hope nothing else goes wrong.

It’s been rainy here so everything is really green and lush. I did my walk today which really did lower my stress level some.


They have parks along both sides of the river. This one has a good view of downtown. It was overcast which was nice because it wasn’t too hot.


And finally, Keith is never going to be in charge of getting Chesty groomed again. I can’t tell you how ridiculous he looked yesterday which required another trip back this morning … And this is the result….at least he won’t get as hot down there in FL.


Sleeping arrangements

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Our mattress was 10+ years old so it was one of the items on the junk truck today. I’ll have 3 nights on the sofa, 4 nights on the floor after the movers come and then 4 nights in a hotel before I fly to GA…. I’m sure I’ll be glad to sleep in a bed next week!

I’ll be sleeping under my HeartStrings quilt with its blocks pieced and sent to me by our members. I love this quilt and what it represents to me.


Instructions for making your own HeartStrings quilt.

I cracked the last bottle of wine tonight as I completed the sellers disclosure form for the realtor.


Too much stuff

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I have too much stuff and it seems we keep moving into smaller places. The junk man came today and I did not think it would all fit in the truck but they got it in one load and my garage is almost empty!


You’d think having to deal with all of this would keep me from wanting to buy ANYTHING but I was looking at blogs last night and LOVED this quilt that Mereth is working on. So when an Accuquilt email showed up in my inbox today with a die to make this block I was SO SO SO tempted to order it even though there’s no way I could be able to make it for 6 months to a year. Instead, I’ll save it to my favorites for now.

Today’s tasks

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Junk man comes tomorrow so I’m going room to room making sure that anything I don’t want to take to GA is put in the garage for them to cart away.

It’s also time to discard/dispose of items that no one will move or take away – liquids/cleaners and matches.

Yep, I stood over the sink and burned up half a box of matches.