Today’s tasks

Junk man comes tomorrow so I’m going room to room making sure that anything I don’t want to take to GA is put in the garage for them to cart away.

It’s also time to discard/dispose of items that no one will move or take away – liquids/cleaners and matches.

Yep, I stood over the sink and burned up half a box of matches.


6 thoughts on “Today’s tasks

  1. Swooze

    Where’s your list? What’s next? Realtors and movers I’m guessing. Will you go to GA next to setup? Hang in there!

  2. Beth in AZ

    I grew up in an AF family…and that meant moving every 2-3 yrs until college. I remember no alcohol was packable either. My parents would have a big party to have their friends help them drink up the rest of the booze! lol Any left overs were passed on…but there were rarely many leftovers!

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