Sleeping arrangements

Our mattress was 10+ years old so it was one of the items on the junk truck today. I’ll have 3 nights on the sofa, 4 nights on the floor after the movers come and then 4 nights in a hotel before I fly to GA…. I’m sure I’ll be glad to sleep in a bed next week!

I’ll be sleeping under my HeartStrings quilt with its blocks pieced and sent to me by our members. I love this quilt and what it represents to me.


Instructions for making your own HeartStrings quilt.

I cracked the last bottle of wine tonight as I completed the sellers disclosure form for the realtor.


4 thoughts on “Sleeping arrangements

  1. Nancy

    Having slept in a recliner for three weeks following a surgery, I know that sleeping on anything other than a bed is not ideal.

    Love the quilt!

  2. SaraF

    The end is in sight, isn’t it? You will feel so relieved to have this process behind you for lots of reasons including a bed to sleep in.

  3. barbara

    Oh the travails of making a major move such as yours. Nice to have a beautiful memory quilt to sleep under at night — be it couch or floor — barbara

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