The best laid plans ….

Today as I was puttering around tidying up the last few items in preparation for the movers tomorrow I got a phone call …

The truck was waiting for a part … In New York … And they wanted to know the latest I could be out of here. Really?!!

After emphatically telling her that they needed to be here Friday at the latest, as planned, she said she’d get back with me and she did … To tell me that they’ll be here Monday.

I have no other alternatives so I scrambled around rescheduling everything else and now all the time I built in as a cushion before I fly out of here is used up. Let’s hope nothing else goes wrong.

It’s been rainy here so everything is really green and lush. I did my walk today which really did lower my stress level some.


They have parks along both sides of the river. This one has a good view of downtown. It was overcast which was nice because it wasn’t too hot.


And finally, Keith is never going to be in charge of getting Chesty groomed again. I can’t tell you how ridiculous he looked yesterday which required another trip back this morning … And this is the result….at least he won’t get as hot down there in FL.


32 thoughts on “The best laid plans ….

  1. Jeannie Heier

    Oh, Chesty! We ladies have all had bad hair days so we know that soulful look on your face! But we ladies say to you, “Take heart as it will grow back!

  2. Mary Jo

    Poor Chesty! I’m sure he is saying “what a bad hair day!” I hope that soon the movers will have you all packed up and you and your furniture can be on your way!

  3. kate

    oh, poor you and poor doggy… but he will look cute in a few weeks, and you will surely survive!

  4. Shari

    I think Chesty agrees with you. Hope all goes well when the movers finally do get there.

  5. Kelly Meyers

    Oh my goodness! Poor Chesty…this must be a guy thing bc my hubby does the same thing to our dog. We have a small white schnoodle but he looks a lot like your Chesty. I like them with a little more hair! Can’t believe all your changes and how fast you have moved. Catching up on blogs this week and it’s amazing what can happen in just a few short weeks. Good luck with all.

  6. Cindy in NC

    This is pretty much how I get my two maltipoos “scalped,” as I only want to have to do it every four months. It takes less than a month for enough growth to occur to make them look normal again. Tell Chesty that Wyatt and Voo send their sympathies.

    Cindy in NC

  7. Debbie

    Oh dear!!!! Always a shock but it will grow back. Had my little poodle mix get a brush cut a couple of weeks ago. You’d never know it now.

    That just stinks on the moving van! Fingers crossed that this was the only hiccup.

  8. Melinda in CT

    Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I saw Chesty’s new doo. Oh my, he looks so embarrassed. Luckily, hair grows back – too quickly usually.
    Good luck with the movers. Hopefully this is the only glitch in the remaining process.

  9. Linda H

    Not to worry, Chesty … it WILL grow back and be even more beautiful … I promise!! Have been thinking about you with all the rains coming down, Molly … have a setback with all that going on isn’t going to help. My recommendation? Nice restaurant, nice dinner, glass of wine, your knitting and it will all come around 😉

  10. Nancy

    Oh no, poor Chesty! I bet he is embarrassed. Our dog sulked for about a week after getting groomed for the summer.

    I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly.

  11. SaraF

    poor Chesty. He even looks embarrassed about his new look. My husband had our cat shaved last fall. Long fluffy hair gone, and just a naked looking cat. Too funny!

  12. Teresa F.

    Oh Mary! You must be frustrated beyond measure. I hope the moving company makes up for the delay with a reduced bill for you. You would think there would be another truck available since it’s such a tight schedule for you.

    And poor Chesty. My mom had been taking their mutt to a grooming place for a few years when a new person practically shaved him one time. Among the many dissatisfied comments my mother made to this person afterward was the fact that the dog knew he looked bad and how hard it was on him when he wasn’t used to such a drastic cut. I had never looked at it that way before and I imagine Chesty might be feeling the same. So make sure he gets lots of hugs and reassurances both in person by Keith and during your face time with him.

  13. Dee W

    Chesty’s thinking that life is really sucking for him right now for sure. But as we all said, it grows back. And you obviously were thinking ahead when you gave yourself a cushion to get the world moved, so at least you were thinking ahead. Take care, I couldn’t just up and move, not nearly flexible enough.

  14. Nancy

    Poor Chesty. He does look so embarrassed.

    The good news about the movers coming late it that you will not spend as many nights sleeping on the floor.

  15. Dona Coffey

    Good luck with the movers. I hope everything works out.

    Poor Chesty. We had to shave a cat once and she was so cold all she could do was cuddle in our laps.

  16. Kamilla Mazanec

    I think he looks fine. My standard poodles intentionally get hair cuts like that and they run like crazy through woods and grass. They love the freedom, and the wind on their skins. Watch out for sunburn, though.

  17. KatieQ

    Poor Chesty looks shell shocked. I wonder if he is thinking, “What else can go wrong?”

  18. Laurie Gathje

    Poor Chesty…he looks like he’s in a state of shock. Good luck with the rest of this move. It’s a lot for you to handle.

  19. Sandy

    I feel for Chesty, he must be downright furious at the groomer. It’s kind of like going to the hairdresser and feeling like you’ve been skinned. Thank goodness hair will grow back. He has always been a very handsome pouch and will be one again!! Hope your move will progress without no more delays..

  20. Beth in AZ

    We had our daughters dog for a year when she deployed. None of my dogs need to be groomed,so by the time I realized Chewy needed it, it was…well..too late! He got SHAVED. Even closer than Chesty. I felt SO BAD. He looked so different, people that came to our house didnt even recognize him! Luckily for me, he never missed a beat. He still takes a flying leap to my lap when we get to visit with him. WHEW!

  21. Dianne

    LOL! Poor Chesty. I am laughing so hard. One time I had hubby trim my bangs. NEVER AGAIN! Well everyone has to have at least one bad haircut in their life, dogs too I suppose. Thankfully it’ll grow out soon enough.

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