Done – almost!

I’ve cast off the drop stitch shawl and unraveled the stitches. It still needs blocking and fringe but that won’t happen here in MN. The left side of the photo is before dropping the stitches and the right is after. I like it so much better now but it will look even better when it’s done.


Next up I’m going to cast on this blanket. in a cotton yarn.

Had a bit of a scare today, was told there was a size limit on the moving van allowed in Big Canoe — luckily I’d already discussed the narrow winding roads and the fact that we don’t have all that much stuff and I was able to confirm the van will be smaller than the max size …. and our stuff is supposed to arrive in GA on July 5!

Hoping that pick up is Monday as promised and that delivery is on time. I’ll have several days to organize before I fly out if it goes according to plan.

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