Cast on

I was going to go out for my walk but we’re about to get some thunderstorms so I’ll listen to my audio book Franklin and Eleanor and knit awhile.

Pattern is Garter Ridge Blanket
Yarn is Sugar ‘n Cream


Red is so hard to photograph – it’s more of a country red – not as bright as it seems.

5 thoughts on “Cast on

  1. Nancy

    It’s lovely. Thanks for the pattern link.

    It’s been raining here nearly every afternoon. It’s clouding up now, so I’m sure it will drop some more. Monday, this semi-arid area got an inch in under 15 minutes. It was coming down in sheets, driven by the wind.

  2. Linda H

    Please share info on your book ~ Franklin and Eleanor are favorite subjects of mine … love the knit and thanks for the pattern info!

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